The answer to the question in the title is simple – it’s very important. Back in the early days of vaping, incorrect inhalation technique was probably the number one cause of your e-cig cartridge leaking. Thanks to modern vaping technology it isn’t as prevalent, but can still happen.

Let’s take a look at some pitfalls new vapers can fall into when first making the switch from cigarettes and how to address them.

Vape like a vaper, not a smoker

Traditional cigarettes are already lit and burning. They also tend to offer less air resistance than an e-cig. This means you can draw extremely hard on them and there are no adverse effects. In fact, you would probably get more smoke.

This is a common mistake for new vapers, as they often try to vape like a smoker.

The whole process of vaping is slower. Your e-cig needs time to work as there are things that have to happen before you can get vapour. Your atomizer head needs time to heat up, and vaporise your vape juice into vapour.

Vape like a vaper. Take slow, steady draws on the mouthpiece. Don’t take sharp, short draws as this can lead to problems such as flooding, leaking and gurgling.

Also, you won’t get anywhere near as much vapour.

Holding your vapour in

You really don’t need to do this. The only thing that happens if you do, is you exhale less vapour (I use this trick when trying to be discreet).

As smokers, we would inhale, then hold the smoke there for a moment to ensure we got our nicotine hit. You don’t need to do this when vaping, as most of the nicotine is actually taken up through the mucous membranes in your mouth or right at the top of your throat.

So, inhale and hold your vapour in which ever way is comfortable for you. Don’t force yourself to hold your vapour in if you think you are getting more nicotine, as you probably aren’t.

Different styles of e-cig

A popular question we get asked is whether you need to vape differently depending on your e-cig.

The answer is sometimes.

You might see some vape lingo banded about that includes MTL and DL. Let’s break these down.

MTL = Mouth to lung.

This is a traditional inhale that most people use. You draw the vapour from your e-cig into your mouth, then inhale it back.

DL = Direct lung.

The mouth part from MTL is bypassed here. You take one long draw from the e-cig, inhaling it straight in.

Let’s look at why might you need to use these two different draws.

You wouldn’t usually DL vape on a small pod e-cig. Why? Because the atomizer head will be small, it will have fewer e-liquid inlet holes and the chances are it cannot keep up with DL vaping. This means you will probably burn out your atomizer head extremely quickly.

At the very least you would suffer from constant dry hits (which aren’t pleasant). So here you would use a traditional MTL draw.

An e-cig designed for directly inhaling will have a sub-ohm atomizer head, which is probably larger than average and has more e-liquid inlet holes. These can withstand much higher power outputs and produce much more vapour.

Some vapers directly inhale when using this type of e-cig as it will produce huge clouds of vapour this way.

All of this can seem confusing, but it isn’t. In short, vape as you feel comfortable.

Coughing while vaping

There are a few reasons you might cough when you first start vaping.

A nicotine strength that is too high is usually the culprit here. But it can also be your inhalation technique.

As an example, if you try to DL inhale on a device with nicotine salts, or with a restricted draw, it can cause a tickle in your throat that might make you cough.

If you take long, slow and steady draws, you can’t really go wrong no matter the e-cig or e-liquid.

Your vaping style

We’ve mentioned a few different vaping styles, but ultimately you have to vape in a way that you find comfortable.

If you ever need any hints and tips, drop us a message on social media where we will be able to guide you.