You don’t need me to tell you that quitting smoking is a hideous task. With various nicotine patches and gums which don’t seem to do the trick for everyone, you wouldn’t be blamed for giving in to temptation once in a while. However, the rise of vaping has seen the decline of smoking and the e-cigarette has proved itself a nifty tool for switching from smoking to vaping.

Opting for an e-cig instead of a traditional cigarette not only saves you money, but also your lungs, as vaping is roughly 95% less harmful than smoking according to the Guardian. As the tobacco-free version of the traditional cigarette, the e-cig provides nicotine through odourless vapour, meaning you can still settle your cravings, but avoid smelling like an ashtray.

Also, according to WebMD, a study found that people who wanted to quit smoking were about 60% more likely to succeed if they used e-cigarettes rather than an anti-smoking nicotine patch or gum. So, if you want to join the movement and cross over from smoking to vaping, here are our top tips.

Various E-liquids

Choose your Strength

E-liquids vary by flavour but also by nicotine strength, from 0% to the pretty potent 3.6%. When stocking up on e-juice for the first time, people tend to start with a higher strength between 1.4% and 1.8%.

After this, you can reduce nicotine strength accordingly, but it’s best to start with too much nicotine, rather than too little, which will have you reaching for the cigs to settle your cravings. If you choose to drop down a nicotine level later on, give your body a least a month to adjust to each stage. It’s similar to changing cigarette brand and you’ll get accustomed with time.

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Do it Daily

When weaning off the cigs, it’s best to start slowly. Between every other cigarette, opt for the e-cig instead and set yourself a limit of how many traditional cigarettes you are allowed each day. As you reduce the number of cigarettes, increase the number of e-cigs until you’ve had your last ‘real smoke’.



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According to the Guardian, scientists state that those who are trying to stop smoking by using e-cigs need to up their nicotine dose by vaping more regularly. Professor Ann McNeill of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry says ‘If you are using an e-cigarette, use it more frequently and stop smoking cigarettes as fast as you can.’

Again, this is because at the start of the transition the more nicotine inhaled by an e-cig, the merrier. This helps bridge the gap from vaping to the excessive amount of nicotine inhaled in smoking. Feel free to dwindle this and vape less often as you go on.

Change your tactics

A final tip for crossing over from smoking to vaping is to alter your inhalation technique. Traditional cigarettes require either a long drag or quick puffs, however the best technique for e-cigarettes is a long, gentle draw.

Heavy drags while you vape can also burn out the coil of your mod, so again, be cautious and take some time to adjust.

We hope this helps you cross from smoking to vaping! Good luck!