It’s that time of year again! Christmas is rearing its tinsel covered head and festive tunes can be heard streaming out of every speaker within earshot. It is exciting, it can be challenging, and it is a time to learn a new skill: stealth vaping.

Many of us will have that relative who disagrees about one of our life choices, whether it’s a parent who hates your new haircut, an uncle who pokes fun at your style of clothing, or a grandparent to whom you would never admit that you vape. It’s that last scenario that we will look to avoid today by learning to practise a few simple tricks.

Cloud control and stealth vaping

Man at Christmas

Rather than jump straight into becoming a stealth vaping professional, let’s look at what the vapour is, why it’s produced and how it can be reduced by simply using the right e-liquid. E-liquid is composed of two main, or base, sweeteners: Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

They are used in combination to make vape juices in different VG:PG ratios. PG is less thick and is mostly used for carrying flavours but can also be used as the primary juice component. People wanting big clouds will need to use a high VG ratio because it produces more vapour, whereas those craving the very best flavours will use something higher in PG to get a stronger flavour, and less cloud.

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Plus-Ohm Vaping

Each coil comes with an ohm rating – otherwise know as a measure of electrical resistance. If a coil has high resistance, for instance around 1.8 ohms, this means it is resisting more power from the battery and will take longer to heat up. The lower the heat means you inhale less vapour, but you still get the flavour and throat hit. So, make sure you’re using the right coil before your guests arrive.

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Inhale Deeply

A popular method of ‘cloud control’ is to deeply inhale the vapour and hold it into your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. The vapour will be dramatically reduced, and thanks to the time it spends in your lungs, the nicotine hit will be enhanced, leaving you satisfied and any of your anti-vape Christmas guests none the wiser.

Christmas Tree and Dinner

The Sleeve Blow

This takes some refining so it’s best to practice before anybody first rings the doorbell. Take a quick inhale and blow the vapour into your sleeve or even down your shirt. Beware that inhaling too much with result in a cloud billowing out of your clothes – you don’t want your guests thinking you’re on fire and drenching you in mulled wine. Stick to quick inhales, your clothing is then more likely to absorb the aroma and cloud.

Be Aroma Smart

Christmas aroma

It’s not just clouds that you’ve got to be wary of. As vaping becomes more commonplace, people are beginning to quickly identify the smell of vaping aromas, so be aroma smart. If you go for a citrus aroma like lemon, orange or lime, then guests might be fooled into thinking you’ve just cleaned. Go more menthol flavours and they will think you’re chewing a mint. Opt for creams which have a soft and light smell, and guests might think you’ve lit a scented candle. Whatever you do, avoid tobacco flavours at all costs.

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This should be a last resort. Leave the room by pretending to have noticed somebody outside you need to speak to. Run down the road, and once you’re around the first corner start vaping to your heart’s content. Don’t be too long; you don’t want to be caught by a search party as you puff away the last drop of e-liquid.

The purpose of stealth vaping is to get the hit you want while being considerate to those around you, the technique is therefore good for most social occasions. Have we missed anything? What is your proudest stealth vape moment? Please tell us in the comments below!

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