Vaping etiquette has been known to cause quite the stir, with many folks disagreeing on when and where it’s considered socially acceptable to vape.

Weddings are of course no exception to this. As wedding season hits us, so does the question ‘Can you vape at a wedding?’ We hear from vapers and wedding specialists to clear the fog on vaping etiquette and find out about devices and e-liquid flavours for the big day.

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Where to Vape at a Wedding

As it stands with smoking, you know outdoors is always safe to vape. Feel free to vape to your heart’s content while outside of the venue, however, try not ruin any wedding photos by expelling clouds in the happy couple’s faces.

Indoors, however, is a different story. With venues such as restaurants, it’s usually left in the owner’s hands as to whether there is or isn’t on-site vaping. But when combined with wedding etiquette, it’s a little trickier. For more insight via the folks on Reddit, the consensus was not to vape where you wouldn’t have smoked, have common courtesy for those around you and finally, consult the bride and groom. One Reddit user stated:

It’s acceptable when it’s acceptable. That’s really the only answer. Obviously you don’t want to be expelling clouds during the reception (it should be obvious to not vape during the ceremony, regardless of how “official” it is). I would still say walk away from anyone when doing it, if the venue allows you to vape. Obviously, the opinion of the bride and groom needs to be asked. At my wedding last June, the venue coordinators allowed vaping, which is good for the attendees. As the groom, I can tell you that you have absolutely zero time to even think about taking a drag the entire day, so there’s that.’

An image of a wedding cake topper

After asking vapers, we asked the wedding specialists. Kate Thompson resident wedding expert at Confetti, the UK’s leading wedding website, adds:

I’d say that at an indoor wedding reception guests should ask the waiting staff, and also any guests they are sharing a table with, whether it’s okay to vape or not. Even though vaping is very different to smoking it is still polite to ask before doing so and there could be some guests who would rather not eat their wedding breakfast while the guest next to them vapes.


Devices and Flavours for Weddings

Now that you know where to vape it’s good to know how to vape in style at a wedding. Content Strategist for Vaped Brett Janes says:

It depends where the wedding is, if it’s an indoor wedding, avoid vaping unless you’re part of the wedding party, or it’s your wedding, or you’ve had explicit permission from the bride or groom.

If it’s an outdoor wedding, you might want to consider switching to a smaller device for more discrete vaping. We all know kids, parents and oldies, probably won’t appreciate big clouds in the face. Depending on how far you want to go, certain starter kits can also be coordinated to your get-up. The AIO E-cig kits are lightweight and sleek, with 10 different colours.

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In terms of e-liquid flavours, weddings can be quite longwinded, so maybe opt for something light and fresh to keep you going. Anything that is similar to the cocktails you get at weddings is always a winner, for example Sex on the Beach flavour, or lime and mint are all summery and light. Fruity flavours are also a front-runner, for example strawberry or pineapple flavour. However, steer clear of pastry and bakery flavours, as these scents tends to be more noticeable.’

Sex on the Beach Cocktail

We hope this helps you vape in style at a wedding! Let us know your take on vaping at weddings in the comments below!