January is a notoriously long month that feels as though it’s dragging on. Most people suffer with a case of January blues when Christmas is over and we must return to work in the horrible weather. But what can we do to change this? We explore some ways to get happy this January.

Eat well

Our intentions for healthy eating may have gone out the window by now, but eating well is a key ingredient for a happy mood. Vitamin D has amazing mood boosting qualities. A study by the Endocrine Society found that it can have a profound positive effect on the symptoms of depression. As most of our vitamin D is absorbed through the skin via sunlight, we often experience deficiencies in darker months like January. To increase our intake of this vital vitamin, we can take supplements, or better still, eat foods rich in it. Vitamin D can be found in cereals, dairy, eggs and fish and is also great for our teeth and bones.

vitamin D rich foods

Another essential vitamin that can boost your mood is Omega-3. This is a type of fat that is found in oily fish such as sardines and salmon, nuts and seeds. Your brain needs these fats to function properly, but is not produced naturally by the body, so we must consume it. Experts at the University of Maryland Medical Centre say ‘Symptoms of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings or depression, and poor circulation’. It’s clear that including this nutrient in your diet will improve not only your mood but your overall health. Why not find an E-liquid that compliments these foods? You could even try mixing your own to come up with the perfect flavour.

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Aside from the usual physical health benefits that we often associate with exercising regularly, we can also improve our mental well-being by getting active. The chemical reactions that happen in the brain when we exercise make us feel better. Livestrong.com tells us ‘The body produces endorphins, which are chemicals that reduce the perception of pain, improve immunity and help you relax. Endorphins are natural mood boosters that enhance feelings of optimism and satisfaction’.

woman preparing for run

But does exercise have to be something physically challenging? The answer is no. Livestrong.com also tell us ‘walking, stretching, mental exercises, breathing techniques and muscle relaxation techniques can all be effective in combating stress’. Making small lifestyle changes like walking instead of taking the car on short journeys can make a good difference. Taking time to complete simple yoga stretches or breathing exercises can also impact your day positively. It’s not advisable to vape during exercise, but there’s no reason why you can’t do it afterwards!

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It sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to make yourself feel better is to have some fun. There’s no better way to improve your mood than to meet up with friends and let off some steam. The NHS tells us ‘The activities we do with friends help us relax. We often have a good laugh with them, which is an excellent stress reliever’. Seeing people we trust also gives us the opportunity to talk about our stresses so we can get it off our chest. However, we can also boost our mood by creating new social connections. Angela K. Troyer Ph.D from Psychology Today says ‘Interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression. Research has shown that one sure way of improving your mood is to work on building social connections’.

group of friends socialising

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So to beat the blues this January, catch up with old friends. If you’re feeling brave, make some new ones! With a growing community of vapers, there’s always someone to socialise with! Starting a new hobby or doing a new class at the gym will leave you feeling happy, confident and ready to take on the year ahead.

How will you improve your mood this January? Let us know in the comments!