Many are feeling a little confused re the Tobacco Products Directive and the new regulations, (we are still waiting on the court case ruling, there is still a glimmer of hope that reason will win,) but meanwhile we hope this post clears up a few misconceptions.

The question:

“How will the TPD affect those of us who mix our own juice? More specifically how will it affect the availability of flavour concentrates and nicotine concentrates?”

First off, we all know that e-liquid will not be available in nicotine strengths higher than 20mg/ml, (unless it has a medical licence) and all bottles with nicotine containing e-liquid cannot be larger than 10ml.

However, there is a period of grace until the 20th May 2017 where e-cigarette businesses can sell off their old stock. This period of grace is for all products, and that includes e-liquids. No new ranges or flavours will be included after May 20th of this year; this period of grace is for old stock only.

PG, VG, flavour concentrates and zero nicotine e-liquids are all unaffected by the TPD. They can be sold in the larger, more economical bottles, and will not need to be tested.

The only e-liquids that will need to be tested are those that contain nicotine. If it doesn’t contain nicotine, it is not captured by TPD. (One can sell as much diacetyl and acetyl propionyl loaded flavouring as one wants, as long as it doesn’t contain nicotine! Not that TW or any reputable vendor would do that; we are simply making a point).

There will be risks when importing nicotine e-liquid from outside the EU.

Many might be thinking, well, e-liquid and nicotine will be available from outside the EU at higher strengths and in larger bottles, and they will be right. But, there will be associated risks with this as you won’t know who, where or how it was mixed… (Granny’s back garden… eye of toad and tail of newt etc.), plus, it can’t be legally imported. If you import it, you will be breaking the law.

There probably will be a black market for high strength nicotine solutions, and probably that black market will have the associated criminal activities, we don’t know, but this is just one of the unintended consequences of rushing through the TPD.

So yes you can carry on DIY’ing, you just won’t be able to get the higher strength nicotine after May 20th 2017, should stocks last, or unless it is on prescription.

Vaping Vic mixes e-liquid whilst he can

Vic didn’t want to run out…