The short answer is, it sells newspapers

Nothing will guarantee a spike in readership than a scare story about the Media’s current ‘bad guy’. For the past few years it has seemed like a campaign to demonise vaping and it does have an impact.

Linda Bauld, Professor of Health policy at the University of Sterling and Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies stated:

“Headlines about the dangers of these devices have continued to appear and show no sign of abating. The result is clear. More people believe today, compared with a year ago, that e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking. In fact these incorrect perceptions have risen year on year, from fewer than one in ten adults in Great Britain in 2013 to one in four this past summer.”

As long as these stories have a huge reader response they will continue to be pushed through mainstream channels. Now this isn’t denial, when electronic cigarette batteries are mishandled and stored incorrectly they will ‘vent’.

Venting is the dramatic ‘explosion’ you see in the viral videos. It is gases and chemicals violently escaping the battery casing.

These types of events are not exclusively reserved for e-cigarettes.

But this does not only apply to e-cig batteries. Any lithium ion battery can behave this way when they are handled or stored incorrectly, they just aren’t reported that often.

Recently a video was released of a man with a damaged smart phone. He had taken it to a repair store and the battery inside vented, just as e-cig batteries vent when they are damaged.

Luckily the phone was not in a hand or pocket when this happened, as the story could have ended much differently.

The point to take from this is that the same thing happened, a battery was damaged and being mishandled at that moment and it vented. So why when these incidents occur with electronic cigarettes do people use them as a lever to push the anti-vaping agenda?

I never read an article that tells me to put my smartphone down because a battery vented on the other side of the world. When these things happen the media do not spew an anti-smartphone agenda, citing studies undertaken under dubious conditions questioning smartphone safety.

 So why the same with vaping?

To look back on my opening statement, it sells newspapers. Vaping is a trend that is at the height of its popularity, it’s the thing people are talking about, and therefore it will be in the newspapers.

With all that being said battery safety is extremely important.

You have to store and handle any batteries carefully. We have spoken extensively in the past and it does seem that we like to beat this drum, but that’s because we understand how essential it is.

Check out our Battery Safety Guide and follow the guidelines below to avoid any accidents:

  • Use battery cases and sleeves.
  • Do not store your batteries loose with your keys, change or any metal objects.
  • Do not use a battery that has damaged casing.
  • Ensure your batteries are disposed of correctly when they reach the end of their life.
  • Only use the correct charger.
  • Do not leave your batteries charging unattended.


As long as you are vigilant and use common sense you will never have a problem with any of your batteries.