Darren Pomfret is a 38 year old man and has been vaping for more than a decade after picking up a Totally Wicked Titan Kit over 10 years ago. Mr Pomfret is an ex-serviceman and believes that vaping can help members of the armed forces as it has with him. This inspiring story shows the true impact that vaping can have on people’s lives.

Darren Pomfret’s vaping success story

Darren Promfret

I’m 38 years old and I started vaping over 10 years ago. My first device was the Titan.

When I started vaping, my health was quite bad.  I suffered a stroke at 25 and after that everything started to go wrong with my body. Vaping became a safer way for me to use a nicotine product.

I noticed I was able to breathe easier, improved sense of smell and taste, I didn’t stink either! I also noticed financial benefits in that I wasn’t spending on a 40 a day habit, so I saved massively.

Being an ex-serviceman in the fusiliers I believe vaping can help Armed forces personnel especially when on low light discipline! If you can have a cheeky stealth vape on an aircraft then I’m sure it would benefit our lads and ladies!

Darren Pomfret


I began vaping because my mother brought me some disposable e-cigs (I’d been stuck in hospital for around 2 months at this point). I heard about TW after an internet search to find something better than the cigalikes and disposables i’d been using.

I knew I needed to give up smoking but I was selfish, it was one of the few things I still had control over at the time. After the disposables in the early days, I bought an awful cigalike kit from a chemist where the cartomisers were soft and could be squeezed. I had a nasty fit, clamped it in my teeth and got a throatful of nicotine, it’s what drove me to find a decent kit which is how I came across TW.  I got a Titan (later the tornado, tornado C etc) and my vaping experience improved.

I’d argue that vaping not only improved my quality of life but it helped save it, it’s a bold statement but I hope I can explain it properly, I was at a really low point in my life, I was a father unable to provide for his family, a proud fusilier unable to serve anymore and a roller hockey/ice hockey net minder unable to play.

Ice Hockey player


Alongside the health benefits vaping made me have to think, improved my mental state, improved hand eye co-ordination especially when I learnt new skills like Re-coiling the old tornado and tornado C atomisers. I found my outlook improved plus it was a great conversation starter once I re learned to speak properly and it gave me that bit more control back in my life whereby things improved from there.

I now help other vapers on various Facebook groups, and play a disabled version of Ice hockey (para ice hockey) with Manchester Mayhem. (if there are any injured veterans wanting to get into the sport please contact us, non-disabled players too), I also play/Train on the Great Britain team so who knows you could even be a future Paralympian… all because vaping was the first thing that enabled me to feel like I could accomplish something again.

I’d absolutely recommend vaping to any smoker! It isn’t for everybody but it does work, you can use it to cut down your nicotine slowly or use it as an alternative to smoking it’s very versatile and very individual, my biggest piece of advice to any new starter regardless of what device you use is get the right flavour for yourself! We all have different tastes which is what makes vaping so individual, get the flavour right and it makes cutting the cigs out so much easier.