People switch from smoking to vaping for numerous reasons. From potential health benefits to physical appearance and smell to financial savings. In our latest success story, Nicola Whyment explains that vaping has allowed her to travel the world and explore opportunities she was unable to as a smoker.

Nicola Whyment’s Success Story

Nicola Whyment

Ever had that feeling as a smoker where you are considering how you will be able to last without a cigarette. Every single place you are invited or going, having to consider “how long will I have to wait for a cigarette”. Choosing family holidays on short haul flights because you couldn’t cope without your next nicotine fix. This was me….

On the dreaded day when we landed in Mallorca and our cases were delayed, I actually considered just leaving them risking not being able to get back into the airport; all because I was so desperate for a cigarette.

That feeling was the reality and a wake-up call for me to say no more!

I’m a massive Disney fan and dreamed of travelling there but that constant craving always stopped me. I couldn’t travel for 12 hours without a fix, not to mention I couldn’t possibly afford it.

Then along came Totally Wicked. Recommend by a friend, I purchased a starter kit from Totally Wicked and put my l&b in the cupboard for good.

Four years on I’ve never looked back, it’s the best thing I ever did. I don’t smell and I can travel wherever I want. To top it off…with an annual saving of £3087 we have just come back from our trip to Disneyland.

I’m never going back and I hope others can get the courage and strength to do the same. Travel, buy a home, do whatever you have dreamed of because once you stop smoking you will be able to afford whatever your heart desires. Vaping has changed my life!

Oh, and it’s four years this week since I quit, with a savings total of £12375.00