I remember before I started working at Totally Wicked, I worked solo shifts in a petrol station, for 10 hours at a time.

When it was approaching Christmas time I received a parcel from HQ, which contained a card and a small box of Roses, which I was really excited about, who wouldn’t be it’s free chocolate.

So imagine my surprise when I finally got to experience a Christmas at TW.

The Christmas raffle has become one of the highlights of the working year and just keeps getting bigger. For my first two years I resided in a retail store, away from HQ in Blackburn, so had never actually attended the raffle. For the past two years my home has been HQ, so I now get to attend this auspicious occasion.

At around lunch time we were called downstairs. The place was decked out in decorations and was full of food, cakes and drinks (soft drinks, come on we are still working). There is always a buzz of excitement and even more so this year as no one knew what the first prize was, all we had been told is that it was the biggest year ever and the top prize was a mystery.

After everyone had their fill, our MD Fraser Cropper came to the front. Everyone’s names were put into a Totally Wicked tombola and he started drawing them.

Fraser and Nathan

There were so many prizes I can’t remember them all. They range from a limited edition Harrods snow globe to a massive food hamper, iPhone 7’s and iMac’s, not forgetting a state of the art 55” Smart TV.

The top prizes this year were huge, people won cash ranging
from £800 all the way to £5000, thanks to a higher or lower card game. Then it came to the top three prizes.

Higher or Lower Game

 The 3rd prize was a £3000 holiday voucher with spending money. The 2nd prize was a £5000 holiday voucher with spending money and there was a mystery top prize.

Fraser Cropper and Robert

When the 2nd prize was drawn and it went to my work BFF I was so happy. He was planning a big holiday next year and I was just so excited he had got that I had totally forgotten about the top prize. I had lost my voice cheering for him and was chatting away excitedly.

I won’t lie, when Fraser called my name for the top prize, I squealed. I was so shocked, and to be honest I still am!

I was called to the roller doors and they brought in one of the TW vans. A huge red transit van with a life sized Mr Wicked on top. It had bows on it and he told me that was my prize, he asked me if I was disappointed, I really wasn’t, I could finally clear my garage out.

As far as I was concerned I had won an amazing prize. He turned to me and said let’s get you something a bit more appropriate. As the van backed out, one of our directors Stuart Mercer drove a brand new VW through the roller doors.

Totally Wicked Top Prize

I cannot put into words what I felt at that moment, I was shaking so much I couldn’t speak. In previous years they had given someone a company car for a year, so I assumed it was the same this time. But as Stuart hopped out to give me the keys they told me that no, this was mine to keep.

Rachel Happy with New Car

A car that had eight miles on the clock and had been bought
a week before. My current car is a Y reg Honda that cost me £400, I have never had a new car, ever and my company are giving me one.

I am known to bore people about how awesome TW is to work for, this just reiterates how nice it is to work for a company who truly giveback to their employees.

This year was my lucky year, a week before Christmas I am
given a new car worth who knows how much.

How this ever happened to me I don’t know, but I did put the
Euro lottery on, just in case.

Rachel In New Car