The 2017 E-cigarette Summit held in London on Friday 17th November features Totally Wicked’s Stoptober campaign. This year was the 5th annual event which allows scientists, policy makers, medical and public health professionals and stakeholders to come together and look at the latest scientific research and evidence on e-cigarettes and debate their impact.

The 2017 Summit allowed these leading professionals to reflect on e-cigarettes’ success throughout the year and discuss how vaping can be best utilised in the years to come. Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and Professor Riccardo Polosa exposed important studies regarding heat not burn technology and the long-term effects of e-cigarettes, respectively.

Martin Dockrell discusses TW Stoptober Campaign at E-cig Summit 17


Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England spoke about e-cigarettes and their success as a smoking cessation aid. Dockrell explored the success of this year’s Stoptober campaign, which featured e-cigarettes for the first time, and thanked the IBVTA for getting fully behind the campaign.

Dockrell showed an example of a Stoptober campaign during this presentation and his choice was the Totally Wicked creative design. As Dockrell displayed the design he said “This was terrific”. A lot of hard work went in to perfecting the design so these comments from a recognised health professional are great to hear.

The topic of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid is being taken much more seriously in recent months. The study showing that over half of UK vapers have now quit smoking is not being ignored, proved by the backing of almost all the country’s top health organisations.

One of the issues that still looms over the vaping community is the inaccurate perception, from a worryingly high proportion of the public, that vaping is just a harmful as smoking.  We hope that the increasing endorsement of e-cigarettes will help to rectify this and leads to the remaining UK smokers who want to quit but have never vaped, to take the option of vaping seriously.

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