It’s showtime, our cash giveaway entries have been counted and the winners have been picked at random. One of you is going to be £10,000 richer very soon, as well as our very respectable £2,500 and £5,000 prizes for the runners ups.

Here goes, drum roll please! And the winners are… Wait, not quite yet. That would be a boring way to announce the winner of £10K wouldn’t it? We’ve got something much better in-store for you. Within the next couple of weeks we will be making the way to the winner’s home to make somebody’s day!

Mr Wicked will be coming along for the journey so you never know, he may just be turning up at your door with a big cheque for £10,000! The winner will not be notified beforehand so somebody is in for a surprise… What could possibly go wrong?

Mr Wicked van


If you’ve spent £25 or more at Totally Wicked throughout October you will have received at least one entry into the draw so it could very well be you. If you see our Totally Wicked car pulling up at your door, make sure you’ve got some pants on because we will be filming the whole thing.

What about the other two cash prizes? Well, charge up your phones and keep them close by because we could be giving you a call to tell you you’ve won £5,000 or £2,500 in the near future! That’s a nice change to those PPI calls isn’t it?

We will show you what’s going on across all our social media platforms, so be sure to go and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter now! Get up close and personal with Mr Wicked, look for clues to see if we’re near you and wait for that knock at your door!

If it all goes horribly wrong, at least you can laugh at our expense but rain or shine we WILL get this £10,000 to our winner!