We have visited the baffling world of vaping acronyms before, when we broke down some of the key vaping buzz words and gave you a simple explanation, to help you navigate the vaping market with ease.

But since this article a couple of additions to the menagerie of vaping speak have gained popularity. So let’s have a detailed look at DL and MTL.

MTL Vaping

MTL is the shortened way of saying ‘Mouth To Lung’. This is the ‘traditional’ way of vaping, it is how most people would have smoked a combustible cigarette. The method involves the vapour being drawn into your mouth, held for a few seconds and then taken back into the lungs, then exhaled.

Vaping acronyms - arc 4 for MTL


Tanks and atomizers geared towards people who prefer MTL vaping have a more restricted airflow and are best used at lower powers. Some vapers report more pronounced flavour when MTL inhaling and it more closely resembles the sensation of smoking, great for those who are trying to make the switch.

DL Vaping

DL is the abbreviation for ‘Direct Lung’. This is the method of taking the vapour directly into your lungs in one long inhale. Imagine taking a deep breath in, you do not take the air into your mouth and hold it for a second, that’s what DL vaping is. Apparently some vapers used to smoke conventional cigarettes this way (how? I will never know), but it is more popular among vapers than smokers.

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Tanks and atomizers for DL vaping have large airflow and usually use sub-ohm atomizer heads designed for use at high powers. This is one for vapers who want to produce large clouds of vapour and have a more intense ‘throat hit’. This does have its limitations though, you will use much more e-liquid and need to use a low nicotine strength.

Now we have had a closer look at MTL and DL, you might be asking yourself, which type of vaper am I? The answer in the long run is, it doesn’t matter. The fantastic thing about vaping is choice; there is a tank, atomizer head and mod combo to suit every vaper.

DL and MTL both have their pros and cons, the only important thing is that you are satisfied with your vaping experience, and if you aren’t then there are ways to remedy that.

If you have any more questions about vaping acronyms why not pop onto the Vaped Online Forum to ask the wealth of veteran vapers.

P.S, I bet you read OMG as Zero mg ?