March 14th, 2018 marks No Smoking Day, a campaign which wills smokers to give up cigarettes, not just for the day, but for good. This year, the campaign from public health organisations will encourage quitters to showcase their success.

IBVTA Stop Smoking Sign


The fight against tobacco in the UK has gathered momentum in recent years. The UK now boasts the second-lowest smoking rates in Europe. With masses of smokers ditching the cigarettes and many of you doing so by switching to vaping, we want you to share your story.

Many of you reading this will have made the switch to vaping. Inspire smokers by explaining how stopping smoking has impacted yourself and those around you. Utilise the power of social media and use the hashtag #TellUsYourWay. Let your followers and friends know how you achieved success and share tips and advice.



Almost 3 million people in the UK now vaping and over half of vapers are now ex-smokers. Despite this, a worryingly high number of people including many smokers, still inaccurately perceive e-cigarettes to be as harmful as cigarettes.

No Smoking Day is therefore a great opportunity to inform these smokers of the benefits of switching to vaping. Your real life success stories will help to provide reassurance to those have been misled by scare stories.

Do your bit this No Smoking Day and #TellUsYourWay.