Four months have passed since the FDA Deeming Regulations went into effect, and to quote a famous American novel, “it’s all quiet on the Western front.”   Sure, there were a handful of lawsuits filed and advocacy groups are continuing to fight albeit in a fight that cannot be won against Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical.   And, Totally Wicked USA brought the real issues to the forefront with our announcement that we will close our USA business in August of 2018 solely based on the abomination that is the Deeming Regulations.  However, I find myself constantly asking why no one else cares.

Our customers and vapers all over the world continue to praise vaping for changing their lives – FACT.

Public Health England states that vaping is “at least 95% safer” than traditional cigarettes – FACT.

Physicians in growing numbers are recommending that their patients utilise vaping as a smoking cessation device – FACT.

The Vaping Industry supports reasonable regulation that benefits Public Health – FACT.

Why do these facts not seem to matter?

Since the FDA continues to focus on “protecting the youth of America” and “the interests of Public Health,” I believe it is necessary to look at the above facts from that perspective.  In the simplest form possible, why would the FDA not support an Industry that potentially could help save “A Billion Lives”?  Why would the FDA put in place regulations that will destroy an industry that could do that, as all estimates indicate that no less than 95% of products will be off the market and 99% of vaping businesses will be forced to close in less than two years?  Is it not in the interest of Public Health for the public to be healthier?  Are we not protecting the youth of America by reducing the harmful toxins that they and millions of adults put into their bodies when smoking cigarettes?  I hope you have had the opportunity to read our blogs and to follow our posts on Social Media, as we have detailed these arguments and many others over and over again.  The question remains, “does anyone really care?”

A billion lives

Recently, we hosted a showing of the documentary “A Billion Lives.”  We funded the entire evening, and we were able to secure a 250 seat theatre.  Over the course of several weeks, we invited our customers as well as journalists, civic leaders – both those in public office and those in private business – and physicians.  We wanted to further educate both our customers and these influential individuals to hopefully increase awareness and just maybe get a few more advocates for our industry.  We were not alone in this mission, as several other vaping companies followed suit with the one exception being they attempted to sell tickets to their showing.  We were all unsuccessful; most of the showings were cancelled.  Our event went on as planned with over 90% of our US employees in attendance, and by the end of the evening all in attendance were armed with great information about the ongoing corruption within the FDA, the methods and madness of Big Tobacco and Big Pharmaceutical, and the realities of the science of vaping and the overwhelming amount of misinformation about it and the scare tactics being employed to fight against it.  So, why do I say we failed as well?  We had no journalists attend, no public officials, no physicians, and half of the customers who had tickets to the event either cancelled less than 48 hours prior or simply didn’t show up.  My resolve doesn’t waiver, but I start to question why we are working so hard if so few people really care.

Money over lives

USA money


The founder of our company, Jason Cropper, set forth to make a difference to people’s lives – the opportunity with vaping was obvious from the start, and Totally Wicked has always focused on changing habits and changing lives.  This is why we carry on, this is why we fight, this is why we question why no one else really cares.  So, why does no one really care?  It’s pretty simple – MONEY.  Unfortunately, for too long now, the answer always seems to be money or “follow the money.”  Big Tobacco is losing billions of dollars and they are poised to lose billions more thanks to vaping.  Rather than invest in this new technology and help save lives, they’d rather continue to provide the same products with the same effects – more sick people and higher and higher profits.  They don’t want to be in our business – ours is complicated and theirs is simple.  Big Pharma owns all of the FDA approved smoking cessation devices, and they are in the midst of losing billions of dollars as well.  Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have very deep pockets, and they fund so many of the key influencers – both elected officials and unelected leaders – and those key influencers simply don’t care about the plight of vaping as a result.  It’s a vicious cycle, and one that permeates every aspect of our lives.  Our healthcare system thrives when people are sick, so there’s a lack of incentive to make people healthier.  It’s just easier and more profitable not to care.

Help us fight for the cause

Well, we care and we know many of you care.  We may not win the fight in the United States, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to battle and we need all of you with us.  So many vapers and vaping businesses have simply turned a blind eye – their attitude is “everything will work itself out.”  They, and you if you are in this camp, are wrong.  It is not ok.  Everything will not work out.  There is no magic cure.  If you as a vaper don’t care enough to speak up, to write your congressman, to engage others, then a new question arises, “why should anyone else care?”

If our fates are sealed and all hope is lost, there is still a way to make a difference and this is our mission and I hope yours too: convert every person you know who smokes to vaping; it works; you know it and I know it.  Then it won’t matter if anyone else cares, because we will win.  Change a Habit – Change a Life.