1.5 million UK vapers have given up smoking.

BBC News published some very encouraging news for the vaping community today as they explained that ‘ More than half of UK vapers have given up smoking ’.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) conducted the study on 12,000 vapers in the UK. Their results showed them that 1.5 million vapers are ex-smokers while 1.3 million still using tobacco alongside vaping.

given up smoking - smoke or vape?


While this is a huge step forward in confirming that e-cigarettes are a great aid in reducing tobacco smoking, ASH still believe that the message of vaping being much less harmful than smoking has not yet gotten through to all smokers.

There are now 2.9 million vapers in the UK, a considerable increase from 2012 when 700,000 adults used e-cigarettes. Despite this rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes, nine million people in the UK still smoke.

According to Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive at ASH, “The rapid growth in e-cigarette has come to an end”. Arnott explained that the figures regarding vapers who had now given up smoking was “excellent news” but believes the rate of smokers switching to e-cigarettes has peaked.

given up smoking - lady vaping outside

Why are people still sceptical of e-cigarettes?

It seems that people are still sceptical about e-cigarettes even with the positive advocacy from Public Health England, ASH and Cancer Research UK as research suggests that ‘26% of people think e-cigarettes are more – or equally as – harmful as smoking tobacco while only 13% believe they are a lot less harmful.’

This figure is alarming and confirms the impact that negative, false media stories have on the general public.

While the majority of ex-smokers take up vaping to stop them smoking traditional cigarettes, many principally vape to reduce their tobacco intake.

Ann McNeill, Professor of Tobacco Addiction at King’s College London, said: “The message for the 1.3 million vapers who still smoke is that they need to go further and switch completely.”