Three public Health advocates in Australia have been accused by Public Health England (PHE) of making “A series of factual errors” to a parliamentary inquiry into e-cigarettes. PHE wrote to the senate inquiry to correct the comments made by the trio in question (Simon Chapman, Becky Freeman and Maurice Swanson).

According to these three people, the UK operated a “completely different” framework on vaping compared to the rest of Europe. A PHE spokesperson replied to this outrageous statement by saying:

“On the contrary, the effect of European regulation has been to reverse the ban on e-cigarettes in several EU member states, including Finland.”

The trio’s other incredible claim proposed that the PHE report which states vaping is 95% safer than smoking was “influenced by” tobacco companies. In response to this, the PHE spokesperson said:

“The claim is false. Correction or retraction has been received where the claim has been made in UK media”

Simon Chapman continued to express his incompetent views as he told the Australian media that the PHE’s response was “pathetic”, that the organisation was “clutching at straws” and that “They have long been playing policy and campaign catchup”.

The brashness of these misinformed comments is astonishing and according to David Leyonhjelm, Senator for New South Wales, Chapman has a track record of providing false information to feed his own gains.


The policy on e-cigarettes in Australia is heavily scrutinised by public health experts in Australia, notably Dr Colin Mendelsohn, a Tobacco treatment specialist. The regulation contrasts drastically to the policies that are in place in the UK; e-cigarettes are effectively illegal in Australia as the possession of nicotine, unless within tobacco, could mean fines of up to $45,000 or even jail terms of up to 2 years.

Despite numerous studies clearly showing that vaping is a considerably safer way of satisfying your nicotine craving than smoking, Australian Health Minister, Greg Hunt shows no signs of lifting the ban as he recently told Australian media “It’s not going to be happening on my watch as far as I’m concerned”.

You can however, continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes in Australia, as long as you can pay the significant and frequent tax increases on the products.

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