It’s the time of year when many vapers are taking to the skies for their dream holiday destination (I’m not, I’m sat here writing this blog, not that I’m bitter, I hope you have a lovely time and it doesn’t rain every day).

There are some things you need to consider when travelling with your e-cig, so I have put together my five top tips for your summer Vapecation;

Check ahead.

Check if the airport allows vaping, check the rules and regulations of the country you are travelling to, check with your airline regarding their rules of having an e-cig on board the aircraft. A few simple phone calls or Google search will save the heartache of having your e-cig confiscated on your journey.

Choose wisely.

We all want to take a huge selection of vaping gear and e-liquid, but remember possible restrictions. There is a limit to the amount of liquid items you can take and although you might be tempted to take your favourite mod for huge clouds, take into account where you are travelling and how accustomed to vaping they are.

To stealth or not to stealth.

There is no question, do not try and vape on a plane. Airlines take this extremely seriously, the last thing you want is to end your holiday early by getting kicked off the flight for the sake of a sneaky vape.

Stock up.

Picture the scene, you are relaxing on the beach, you go to vape and realise your tank has cracked! The last thing you want is to be caught out without spares. Spare atomizers, e-liquid, batteries and even spare tanks. Prepare for the worst just in case.

The sun is not your friend.

Although you might be happy to bake in the sun covered in tan accelerator, your e-cig certainly isn’t. Heat = thinner e-liquid and leaking and unhappy batteries.

They were my top tips for your upcoming Vapecation. Have an outstanding summer Wicked Vapers, if you have a question about a topic I haven’t covered drop me a comment on social media and I will do my best to help.

Bon Voyage,