Both of the new Totally Wicked Skope products feature innovative new technology that we are calling “eco”.  Eco perhaps not in the sense of environmental warriors saving the planet, but much more in the sense of economy and efficiency, but maybe the two go hand-in-hand anyway.  The core of the technology is in the atomizer head design, designed specifically for higher nicotine strength e-liquid.  But what will you, the user, actually notice is different?

The first big thing is battery life.  All experienced vapers, especially those that started vaping with “eGo” style pen devices such as the Totally Wicked Tornado-T and Tornado eGo-C, know that even with higher nicotine strength a 650mAh battery, fully charged first thing in the morning, will not last much past lunch time (or dinner time as we call it here in Blackburn).  The 650mAh battery in the Skope S lasts far longer, generally well into the evening for many of us that have been testing, and even the 480mAh battery of the Skope P has been remarked on for exceptional battery life.  This high efficiency, especially when coupled with higher strength e-liquids also results in far more frugal e-liquid consumption than any devices we have previously released.  A “win, win” situation.  Another remarkable thing is the consistency of vapour production through this remarkably long battery charge life.

For those of us of a more technical bent, it might be interesting to know how this has been achieved.  The initial key was to operate at far lower voltage than any e-cigarette previously made.  Instead of an operating voltage in the region of 3.7V, the Skope products operate at 1.85V.  This enables internal regulation to achieve better consistency in the vaping experience through the battery’s charge life.  Now of course with any standard atomizer this would result in little or no vapour being produced, but the Skope range features low resistance atomizer heads specifically designed to operate at this very low voltage.  But that isn’t the whole story.  Using innovative thermal engineering the atomizer heads in the Skope range have been designed to expend more energy vaporizing e-liquid, and less energy heating the tank itself and the e-liquid that is in it.  This is primarily responsible for the unusually long battery charge life.

Sometimes it is the seemingly simple devices that encapsulate truly ground breaking technology, and this is certainly the case with the Totally Wicked Skope P and Skope S.

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