I have been around e-cigs long enough to have seen all its highs, lows and everything in between; every fad that came and went (I’m looking at you metal e-liquid bottles) as well as the innovations that completely altered the path of vaping, have we gone full circle and are seeing the rise of retro vaping?

In its infancy, vaping was extremely simple. There were no modifications, no variable power, nothing to refill.

Vaping really came into its own with the launch of the Tornado-T. This allowed the replacement of atomizers, the refilling of e-liquid and recharging of your batteries.


During this time vaping technology started to advance at an alarming rate. We had variable voltage, variable wattage, larger tanks, sub-ohm atomizers, dripping atomizers, huge wattage outputs, the list could go on.

For the past two years we have drifted hazily on the sub-ohm cloud. Vapers happy to exist with low nicotine strengths, low resistance atomizers and high powers. Vaping became a hobby for many, with Instagram accounts full of intricate coil builds and vape tricks, add to this cloud chasing competitions and you have the vaping sub-culture we see now.

But is this now falling out of fashion?

During this transition from e-cigarettes that simulated smoking, to high powered, cloud chucking mods, there have been a steadfast group of vapers who have steadfastly refused to ‘upgrade’, or jump on board the cloud train.


Their e-cigs do the job that they need, they help them to stop smoking cigarettes. They do not mind that they have a 1.5ohm atomizer rather than a 0.15ohm coil build. They don’t mind vaping at a 1.4% rather than 0.3%. They don’t mind that their e-cig is a discreet pen style. They are vaping and they are happy.

This is not a knock against the vaping scene, it is extremely popular for a reason and one of the fantastic things about vaping is choice.

But is this style of ‘retro vaping’ making a comeback?

Vapers seem to be going back to their roots.

There has been a rise in popularity in kits using ‘legacy’ atomizers systems, higher nicotine strengths and higher atomizer resistances, coupled with low power. This could be due to time and money.

It is an extremely simple way of vaping, e-liquid lasts longer, atomizers last longer, batteries last longer. All of these combined means less consumables to buy, less time spent maintaining and less things to go wrong.

The one thing we can be sure of is that vaping will continue to grow in popularity no matter the style.

Retro vaping cartoon

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