shiny-syndrome“Hello, my name is Steve and I have Shiny Syndrome. So far I have 4 box mods, 3 Odyssey devices and 20 other e-cigarettes I’m too ashamed to mention. I now have my credit card in a block of ice in the freezer and have been vape mail free for 4 days.”

You may laugh, but how many of you silently resonate with this? How many of you have the dreaded Shiny Syndrome?

For those of you wondering what on earth we are talking about… here is a common tale to explain it all.

Many are lured into vaping on the promise of spending less money, breaking free from cigarettes and having more money to spend on other things. But then they develop Shiny Syndrome, the dreaded disease of the vaper.

It starts off slowly enough – the odd extra atomizer, a couple of the latest drip tips, but then things get out of hand and they find that they have their pc set to the TW website, they scour the newsletters for new products, keep a beady eye on the home page and Facebook pages so that when the latest device is out – they can pounce and buy it. They get a thrill of excitement as they press buy, experience anticipation similar to a child waiting for Santa, eagerly looking out for the postman, and then the relief and delight as they fire up their new e-cigarette and exhale.


They have another e-cigarette to add to their collection. Not that there was or is anything wrong with the last one, only this is Shiny Syndrome, and they are held deep in its grip.

It is curable – often a few stern words from a loved one, the threat of selling off e-cigs and then yes, there’s always the old credit card in the freezer trick.

But to ease the guilt, they always remember, they are indulging in a habit that is 95% less harmful than the tobacco cigarettes they used to smoke.

Isn’t one allowed to be just that little bit passionate about it?

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