St George’s University, London are searching for 100 heavy smokers to take part in a landmark study to asses the safety of e-cigarettes and their impact on the risk of cancer, brain activity and quality of life indicators. This survey is being carried out with Public Health and is part of the EU’s £3.4 million Smoke Free Brain project.

There are currently no e-cigarette products available on prescription through the NHS, however this could be re-evaluated depending on the results of this study. It has been well documented that the Royal College of Physicians have stated that vaping is ‘95% healthier than smoking‘ and we’re sure the results of this latest study will be just as positive.

With Public Health England involved we can expect accurate results and the fact that candidates will be required to give blood, urine and saliva samples six times over a month helps to reassure us that the findings will reflect the true purpose of e-cigarettes. Alongside these samples, the volunteers must also undergo electroencephalography, a non-invasive brain monitoring tool.

It is very refreshing to see some research into the safety of e-cigarettes from a public health perspective rather than a ‘wishy washy’ study without comprehensive results just so that the media have an excuse to take a dig at the vaping community via the medium of scare stories.

We have certainly seen a lot of scare mongering in recent times so we hope that this survey will help to debunk the myths fabricated by unreliable media sources.

How do you think the results will turn out and could this be a turning point in the future of vaping? Let us know in the comments below.