Stoptober 2017 was a landmark month in the e-cigarette world. It saw Vaping promoted as a way to stop smoking for the first time in the history of the annual campaign. It came in the same year that the scrutinised TPD regulations came into full force. Helping to bring some light into what had started as a difficult year for the industry.

The Stoptober campaign was a roaring success. Vaping companies boasted impressive sales figures of starter kits. This success left some experts scratching their heads. Why should this initiative should only be in place for one month of the year? The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has been working hard to keep the message prevalent. Allowing smokers to make an informed decision on whether to make the switch

Alongside the IBVTA, Public Health England has created media. This includes posters and online graphics to be used by IBVTA members. The message, “Stop smoking with an E-cigarette in 2018”. This mirrors one seen in October. It read “Stop smoking with an E-cigarette this Stoptober”.

Stop Smoking IBVTA


This reiterates both organisations’ ambitions. To keep e-cigarettes in smokers’ minds as a viable option to help them ditch cigarettes. It gives vaping companies’ new customers assurance that e-cigarettes can help them stop smoking. A claim that vaping companies cannot make due to advertising restrictions.

E-cigarettes on the NHS Smokefree site

There is now an e-cigarette section on the NHS Smokefree support page. This gives advice to smokers who want to make the switch to e-cigarettes. This is all part of Public Health England’s “One You” campaign. In which smoking cessation features prominently. The British Medical Association has also finally backed e-cigarettes after years of opposition. “doctors and other health professionals should have training and information. This is so they are able to provide general advice on the safety and efficacy of products available on general sale.”

Smoke Free NHS


This should help to change the perception of e-cigarettes. As shown in 2017 research by ASH. A significant and increasing proportion of the public sees vaping as, incorrectly, “at least as harmful as smoking”.

The IBVTA recently gave written evidence to the Science and Technology Committee’s e-cigarette inquiry. The document contains plenty of detail. It should play an important role when the committee is assessing the evidence. The evidence explains the importance to correct the public e-cigarette perception. It states in order to challenge misinformation. To promote the health benefits and reduced harm messages relating to vaping. Public health organisations, the Government, and related bodies such as PHE need to be free to speak and campaign openly.”

The IBVTA is working to allow vaping to flourish in the open marketplace. In an industry which has been victim to criticism, the organisation reassures its members. The work of the IBVTA continues to help the UK vaping sector to grow in the impressive way it has.

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