The World Cup kicks off today and football fever is sweeping the nation. Sweepstakes, painted faces, trips to the pub and heightened emotions are inevitable but granted, football is not for everyone.

For many, this month of sport is nothing but a burden and July 16th can’t come soon enough. However, whether you have World Cup fever or football angst Totally Wicked has something you can all join in with… The E-liquid World Cup.

We’ve handpicked 32 of our favourite e-liquid flavours from across 6 ranges. Over the next few weeks, they will battle it out for the Totally Wicked e-liquid crown. This is where you come in.

E-liquid world cup roster

We’re taking to Twitter to let you have your say via polls. The first round starts with 8 groups, each consisting of 4 e-liquids. The 2 flavours with the most votes from each group will progress to the next round, it’s that simple.

From then on, it’s head to head to knock outs so we can expect some fierce competition between the likes of Mr Wicked’s and Red Label. Running in synchronisation with the football, our E-liquid World Cup will give those who are already sick of the World Cup a vaping alternative as football fans can spare some of their passion for this competition.

The beauty of e-liquid selection is that different vapers have wildly different tastes and the variety of flavours is immense. Whilst some flavours are undoubtedly more popular than others, some can be loved by many but hated by others.

Many a debate has been had at Totally Wicked HQ regarding the best flavours so let’s settle it once and for all. The E-liquid World Cup starts on Friday, 15th June, cast your votes and have your say!