Being a company born and bred in the north, the Beast from the East won’t stop us. We have donned our big coats and are doggedly cracking on. I am currently looking out of the window wondering how bad the M6 will be on the way home, so decided to put my time to good use.

We have already told you about vaping in the winter, but as it’s nearly Spring let’s take a look at some ways to survive the ‘blizzard’ when you are a vaper.

Get An E-liquid Subscription

No one wants to trek outside to get vaping supplies when it’s this cold. Why not sign up for an e-liquid subscription?

You get 10 of your favourite e-liquids to your door each month without having to move a muscle. Not forgetting an extra 20ml at no cost and free UK delivery on all your orders. Put them wellies away and become a member of Club Wicked in a few clicks.


Vape For The Weather You Want, Not The Weather We Have

Whack the heating up, sit back, close your eyes and picture beautiful sunny shores. Further enhance your summer daydream by vaping a delicious fruity flavour such as Sex on the BeachBlue Raspberry Slush or Lemon Melon.

You can go one step further by picking a nice bright e-cig to add to your collection, a Dazzling arc 4 anyone?


Online Retail Therapy

So you are curled up at home, sick of looking at grey skies and dodging snowballs when putting the bins out. Not even a good cuppa is going to cheer you up. But you know what might? Retail therapy.

Do you know that we have some serious vaping bargains lurking on our site? Our sale section is chock full of outstanding vaping deals, but be quick because once they are gone they are gone.


Vapers Aren’t Smokers, Which Means…

No going outside, fully wrapped up to have a cig.

You can sit basking in your smug glow at home, knowing that you aren’t going to stink the house out because you daren’t open a window for fear of a snow drift.

This is just one of the benefits of vaping vs smoking, but is especially important this week because it’s freezing out there.


Let us know in the comments how you are going to survive the Beast from the East. What are you vaping to keep spirits up this week?