In the next couple of days, the first winner of our cash giveaway will be £2,500 better off and we can’t wait to let them know. We know who the winner is, but nobody else does, so we will be giving them a quick call this week to let them know!

If your phone rings on Thursday morning, make sure you pick up because it could be a cheery voice from Totally Wicked on the other end of the line with some pretty good news. The following day, we’ll be making somebody else’s day as we announce who has won £5,000!

It’s then time for the main event and Mr Wicked has been busy preparing. The cheque is ready, Mr Wicked is looking sharp and the Totally Wicked vehicle has been out for a test run. Now all that’s left is to make one lucky customer’s day.

We will let our winners of £2,500 and £5,000 bask in their glory over the weekend. Then, next week the £10,000 cheque will be delivered!

Here’s what Totally Wicked Managing Director, Fraser Cropper had to say about the return of Mr Wicked.

We will keep you posted across our social channels so be sure to keep your eyes peeled… We’re looking forward to some interesting reactions!