How often do you think that deep inside an evil, or maybe not so evil but still thoroughly unpleasant character there lays a heart of gold?

Do you feel it simply needs to be found, 240v applied twice and then up it leaps to the rescue of all fair maidens and metro men in distress?

If you think Mr Wicked is like that, then think again my friend; he couldn’t give a rat’s arse about bleeding hearts and do-gooders.

He couldn’t care less about meddling folk rescuing others to rescue themselves.

Partly because plenty of them work in stuffy buildings, drearily boss us around and wear unbelievably awful clothes, accessorised with beads and bangles and grey ties.

But mainly because he is void of a heart.

He doesn’t have one.

Instead he has a ‘pissedoffometer’ pulsating away in his chest.

(That could explain the redness).

And it pisses him off when people, ill informed ignorant people diss e cigs for no good reason apart from the fact that their knees are jerking left right and centre and this causes their brains to malfunction, and as a result they start spewing forth stuff that is nonsense.

And he doesn’t like it when people that want to switch, don’t.

It interrupts his mojo, his flow, it spoils his Devil May Care attitude.

As I’m sure it spoils yours.

He’s been thinking hard of ways to solve this issue, like handing out free glasses to help these poor folk to read the research, he’s even thought of hiring clever people to explain the research, as there is some block, something is in the way to their understanding. Perhaps they are desperately hanging onto their paradigm and they will never let that go… no matter what…

I guess that’s always a possibility.

But the proof is there – e cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

By many times – quotes are from 100 to 1000 times safer.

Yet still the knees are jerking and all these knees bobbing around scare people.

And fear is an abomination, fear robs us off many things, including our precious Devil May Care attitude, which we all know is essential to health.

But thankfully Mr Wicked has had his Eureka moment. He has realised the way to calm his pulsating pissedoffometer, he has realised the way to regain his equanimity.

It is to spread the e cig word; to spread the good news like an evangelist on speed.

Why not have a vape and enjoy it?

Why not have a vape and relax, knowing that you are doing less harm to yourself?

Why not stand proud, e cig in hand, wafting flavour and delight and nonchalance to all within your reach?

Why not indeed.

E cigs are an alternative to tobacco; a safer alternative too. You know that, I know that, Mr Wicked knows that, everyone knows that. Not everyone stops smoking, not everyone wants to – and what is wrong with that?

It’s not like it’s a rule or something.

What if you enjoy nicotine but just don’t like what the fags are doing to you?


Are you thinking about switching?

If you are, then first do your research. This is a must. ( go here, and  here for starters)

Get both sides of the debate though, find out, ferret out, read what you must, and then buy your e cig – you’ll be delighted.

Your wallet will be delighted too and there will be one less person inhaling burning tobacco. Mr Wicked can dial down his pissedoffometer, he can regain his Devil May Care attitude, he can regain his mojo, and you can join him with yours.

Who said he didn’t care? Wasn’t me….