Festival season is fast approaching. You’ve got your ticket, planned your travel, and checked your tent doesn’t have any holes. You’ve considered what clothes and food to pack. But what about vaping? Here’s our guide to everything you need to think about when vaping at festivals.

Follow the rules

As no-brainers go, this is up there at the top. Festivals are all about having fun and spending time outdoors. Most festivals do allow vaping in outdoor areas but it’s usually prohibited in covered spaces such as pop-up-pubs and tent stages. However, it’s still important to check the festival site to see what the restrictions are before you go. Also, it’s a good idea to ask the people around you if they mind you vaping in a busy area. You might even meet some fellow vapers to share tips with.

People camping

Another key point to remember is that a lot of festivals don’t allow glass bottles in any form. This means you’ll have to put all your e-liquid in plastic bottles or risk it being confiscated. No e-liquid means no vaping!

Storage solutions

The British weather may not always be sunny, but your tent will most likely feel like an oven during the day. Hot conditions are bad for both your e-liquid and your battery. If the festival lasts for a few days, you’ll need somewhere to store these items without them becoming damaged. Take a cooler box with some ice packs in to store your e-liquid. The ice should last at least a day, but the inside of the box should stay cool even without the ice. This is an ideal place to store your e-liquids.

If you want to keep your tent extra cool, lay reflective blankets over the top. Make sure you do this as soon as you assemble your tent so that it’s still cool inside. The blankets will reflect the sun’s rays away, meaning it won’t store the heat. Also, keep the tent open when you’re near it to let as much fresh air in as possible.


Keeping batteries free from bumps and scrapes is another important thing to remember. It’s not advisable to throw a spare battery in your back pocket and head off to a mosh pit. Always keep your spares in cases to keep them safe from knocks. This will help to prevent them from breaking altogether and keep them in good condition.

Stock up

You don’t want to get half way through the festival only to realise that you’ve ran out of batteries and have nowhere to charge. Make sure you take more than enough batteries to last you the whole stay. Some festivals have charging stations that will allow you to plug a USB charger in, but you probably won’t want to waste your time doing that when your favourite band is about to play.

The same goes for e-liquid. Take various flavours to mix it up. Festivals are a fantastic place to sample new foods from independent vendors, so having a mixture to choose from will enhance your experience.

Follow this advice and you’ll have an amazing time at your chosen festival! Let us know what your festival tips and plans are in the comments.