Calling all vapers, the pilot episode of the Totally Wicked Vape podcast is now live and it’s not one to be missed.

Presented by Totally Wicked employees/vaping experts, Rachel Davies and Tim Isherwood, this podcast delves into all things vaping and explores the weird and wonderful world of Totally Wicked. Expect humour, emotion and expert insights from the world’s premier vaping podcast.

Rachel and Tim have been working at the company for over 5 years, with both of them beginning their respective Totally Wicked journeys on the shop floor at our Wigan store. Having progressed through the ranks, Rachel now works as a content writer and Tim as a Senior Store Manager. This depth of experience is evident when listening to the podcast as the pair share their vast knowledge of the industry.


Although this podcast is internally produced, the idea is not to bring you a corporate briefing with tedious explanations of our latest products. We do hope to educate the vaping and non-vaping world on what is a slightly misunderstood industry, but more importantly we aim to provide you with an enjoyable, thought-provoking podcast which exudes passion, emotion and of course humour.

Episode 1 features a behind the scenes look into the Dragon Man campaign, opinions on festive e-liquid, the ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas film?’ debate is sparked and much, much more.

Although the podcast is still at pilot stage, we look ahead to bringing you many more episodes in 2019. On the horizon we have exciting plans to: bring you live podcasts, welcome special guests into the studio and get you, our valued listeners, involved in discussion.

The Totally Wicked Vape Podcast is now live on iTunes and can also be found on various other Apple and Android podcast apps. Simply search for ‘Totally Wicked Vape Podcast’ in the search bar and listen at your leisure. Make sure you like and subscribe!

Or, listen to episode one by streaming directly through Vaped.