It generally starts with curiosity…

There you are, all innocent, standing in the rain for the fifth time that day, when you see someone vaping. They look normal, not too weird or geekish, so you pluck up the courage to go and talk to them. You’re pleasantly impressed by their enthusiasm for e-cigs, you have a ‘go’ on their device (thinking “I hope they don’t have any communicable diseases”) and you are surprised at how good it is.

You decide you want one.

Step 1: So off you set, you spend hours on the internet researching what is best for you and you land on the perfect device.

Or, you are so keen to give it a go; you grab a disposable from the local garage on the way home.

Or, you are one of those jammy so-and-sos who has their e-cig bought for them.

Step 2: You like the cigalike from the garage, you like it a lot. It doesn’t make you feel a nerd using it in public, but after a while you want something that lasts a bit longer and gives you more flavour choice, so you move into the tank systems. Suddenly you can vape for hours, no re-charge, no dying cigalike, this is it! You brandish your e-cig around like a Knights Templar’s sword and will convert any poor smoker you see shrivelled up in the corner of some damp doorway.

Or, you loathe the cigalike, think vaping is total rubbish and happily go back to the fags, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Now, if you were one of the folk that did do research and found a simple Tornado V5 that was just perfect, thank you very much, you are probably what is known as a ‘smug vaper’. Thankfully this phase won’t last too long, the novelty will wear off, and you will stop being a pain in the ass eventually.

Step 3: You’re well into vaping by now, you’ve made a few forays onto forums, know what you like tank wise, flavour wise and have a colourful selection of tanks on your desk. Some of you may have even ventured into the world of variable voltage vaping and mixing your own e-liquid. (aren’t you clever…)

A few months into step 3 and you may start to own a few devices and you like to chop and change them, like you do a pair of shoes…

Note: The majority of vapers are happily communing here, knowing that vaping is awesome, they can breathe, they can taste, and they can run for the bus again.

Plus they are saving shed loads of money.

Unless they have an unfortunate case of ‘shiny syndrome’, in which case they won’t be saving any money.

(For those new to vaping shiny syndrome is when you see a new e-cig or mod and just have to have it…)

But for some, this still isn’t enough.

The insatiable beast that is vaping has snared them. They have moved to step 4, from whence there is no return.

Step 4: The land of the DIY’ers and Mod makers. A magical, often mystical place, populated by unbelievably clever people, a place that lures you in with expensive hand made mods, connoisseur DIY e-liquids and serious commitment to the cause. Here no thought is given to the price, money is just a means to acquire a device to die for. Here, by sheer osmosis you will learn how to wick your own coil with organic cotton and re-wire your mod with copper while you sleep.

Should you arrive here, you’ll be expected to understand the physics and chemistry of vaping better than any professors, and have a social calendar that revolves entirely around Vapefests. You will
do nothing but eat, sleep and live e-cigs.

Step 4 is no myth, these people do exist; I have seen them. They are the Yoda’s of the vaping community. The vaping force is strong within them. They have travelled far, immense brains they
have, and salute them, we do.