The vaping community is a rife one, with vapers all over the world sharing their honest opinions on the best equipment and e-liquids out there. Not to mention showing off any tricks they have acquired over their vaping years. If you want to be kept in the loop when it comes to the vaping community, we’ve hunted down the most influential vapers to follow on Instagram.

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1. Kylee Vapes

With 149k followers, Kylee Vapes is the place to go for all of your vaping needs. She seems to master every vaping trick under the sun and has a plethora of videos to show for it. Kylee also has a YouTube channel for her dedicated subscribers and describes herself as ‘a girl who loves to vape and wants to help others enjoy it as much as I do!’ Check her out here.

2. Vape Tricks

Vape Tricks isn’t just one particularly skilled vaper, as the name suggests it features a community of vapers all keen to demonstrate their vaping talents. With 456k followers, this account is definitely not one to miss. Follow them here.

 3. White Rhino Honeys

White Rhino Honeys has one criterion: to feature images of girls who vape. If you’re a female wanting a little more publicity on Instagram, simply use the hashtag #whiterhinohoneys for a chance to be shared with their 1,600+ followers. Follow White Rhino Honeys here.

4. Just Peachy

Just Peachy, aka Hannah, features a variety of images and videos showing off her collection of vaping equipment and nifty tricks. She has sponsorship deals with an abundance of brands, so you are always guaranteed to see something exciting. You can follow Just Peachy here.

5. Bathug Kiddo

Taking vaping to an international scale, Bathug Kiddo posts all the way from North Borneo. His videos reveal a mixture of tricks and products, not to mention his entertaining sense of humour. Care to join his 4,000+ followers? Find him here.

6. Vape Traveling

As a personal favourite, Vape Traveling evokes your wanderlust and vaping envy simultaneously. On this account, you can see vapers doing what they do best in various beautiful locations across the world. Featured are the likes of Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Serbia and more postcard-worthy places. Follow it here.

7. Vprs Japan Trick Factory

If the name didn’t suggest, Vprs Japan Trick Factory is based in Japan. The people behind it describe themselves as the ‘number one trick team’ and it’s easy to see why. With a range of tricks such as the lasso, these guys are one to look out for. Find them here.

8. Vape Porn

Vape Porn is possibly the biggest vaping account on Instagram, with a bio claiming it’s the ‘original IG for vape’, it boasts 620k followers. Vape Porn features, tricks, equipment and any vapers that tag #vapeporn in their images. So, you can always be kept up to date with the vaping trends. Follow Vape Porn here.

9. Inked Vapers

Inked Vapers does exactly what it says on the tin and features vapers with tattoos. Again anyone can be featured on this account, as long you have a few tattoos and of course, vape. Follow inked vapers for tricks and ink inspiration here.

10. Noniquennisa

Last but not least on our list of vapers to follow on Instagram is Noniquennisa. As a self-proclaimed ‘vaping addict’ Nonique knows her way around quite a few tips and tricks, not to mention she regularly reviews a range of products. Find her here.

Do you know any other significant vapers to look out for on Instagram? Let us know in the comments!