After a few nail biting moments last week we were ready to give away £10,000 and on Monday the 19th of November we did just that.

Mr Wicked teamed up with Neil Joyce, our Head of Marketing and set out to deliver the good news.

Mr wicked delivering a cheque

While dropping hints via social media, Mr Wicked set out on his journey to find our £10K winner. With a quick stop into the local Totally Wicked store, he had his map at the ready and went to find the lucky recipient.

He then turned up at our winners house with a cheque for £10,000 and delivered the good news.

David was shocked to say the least, but was clearly delighted. Having just booked a holiday and with a new conservatory roof on the cards this windfall couldn’t have come at a better time.

David said:

“This is a brilliant time to win this money, I still cannot believe it I have never won anything. We have just booked a holiday so this means we will be flush for spending money now and we were talking about getting a new conservatory roof at some point so this will definitely help.”

What a way to start the week and the run up to Christmas!

Check out his reaction above. Who wouldn’t love Mr Wicked dropping by to interrupt your tea?

Mr wicked delivering a cheque