“From the depths of East Lancashire, a company rises from the ashes of a depleting tobacco industry to stand up and fight against the threat of smoking… Totally Wicked is here to change countless lives!” 

This year’s government Stoptober campaign actively endorses e-cigarettes, meaning this October possesses great optimism for the vaping industry, so what better time to spread the word about Totally Wicked?

If you are planning a trip to the movies in October you may just be lucky enough to experience our latest advertising campaign which showcases our in-store expertise and expresses what Totally Wicked is all about; a welcoming atmosphere, an abundance of impressive products and excellent customer service. The retail teams at Totally Wicked are vastly knowledgeable vapers, an essential attribute when it comes to helping smokers make the switch and we want the world to know that.

Strategically timed, this campaign will run on a parallel with the well-documented Stoptober advert which features on TV screens up and down the country. For the first year ever, the Stoptober campaign endorses e-cigarettes so with this inset in smokers’ mind, coupled with the presence of a Totally Wicked ad we hope to see smokers ditch their post film cig and head to their local Totally Wicked store. See the annual Stoptober advert below.


Now of course the pre-film advertisements are not the reason that film buffs make their way to their local movie theatre, however a 50ft screen and top of the range surround sound is a great way to get important messages through to viewers and that is what we intend to do.

In the run up to a film, viewers don’t want to be put to sleep by a list of monotonous facts and figures so we’ve kept the promotion short, fun and light-hearted however the communication hopes to portray an underlying yet important message that e-cigarettes are a suitable and healthier alternative to cigarettes and that Totally Wicked is on hand to help smokers make the switch.


Whilst the vaping sector may be riddled with strict advertising regulations, which some argue are excessive, cinema advertisements are thankfully allowed. Totally Wicked is delighted to take advantage of this opportunity and hopes that it shows just how easy making the switch can be with the right guidance and support. Next time you’re getting yourself comfy, popcorn in hand, eagerly awaiting a blockbuster keep an eye out for this communication because although you may have watched the video above, you have to see it on screen to truly experience it.

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