With 2018 fast approaching new year’s resolutions are here. The masses are again pledging to live a healthier lifestyle, get their finances in check and give back to others. Vaping may be an important part of your life. These Totally Wicked resolutions will not only optimise your vaping experience. They will also free up some extra time and money to make 2018 a fantastic year.


In 2018, there’s no need for you to pick every strength and flavour each time you need more e-liquid. Simply become a Club Wicked member and we will do all the work for you, 10 bottles of your favourite e-liquids (plus two specially selected bottles) automatically delivered right to your door every month!

Club Wicked E-liquid Subscription

It doesn’t stop there, there’s much more to Club Wicked and not least the great value. You will have peace of mind that your e-liquid is now costing you just £2.92 a bottle. You will receive free UK delivery on all Totally Wicked orders. There are many benefits of Club Wicked. If you want to take the stress out of e-liquid ordering, Club Wicked is a no-brainer at just £35 a month!

Still Smoking? Go full vape!

Evidence now shows that over half of the 2.9 million vapers in the UK have not given up smoking completely. If you’re one of these ex-smokers then congratulations on ditching the habit! If you’re still smoking but want to give up for good, then what better time to start than in the New Year? Here’s a few tips.

Woman cutting Cigarettes with Scissors


Get yourself a smaller, more portable device. Despite the name, Starter kits are not only great for new vapers, they are ideal as a handy second device!

Try tobacco e-liquid flavours. You may have become so accustomed to the taste of tobacco that even with the huge range of sweet and fruity flavours on offer, that it just doesn’t seem the same. Tobacco and Menthol flavours may therefore recreate this sensation so you try our new Switz Range, specifically designed for smokers making the switch.

Think of the money! Next time you go to the shop to pick up a pack of cigarettes and get charged around £10 for 20, remember how much e-liquid you could get for the same price…

Be more savvy

You may be looking to tick a few things off your bucket list in 2018 and you will more than likely need a bit of extra cash to make this happen. Save money on your vaping supplies at Totally Wicked and spend what’s left over on doing what you love.

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Make sure you’re signed up to Totally Wicked’s newsletter to keep up to date with the latest offers. Be sure to also follow our social media channels to make sure you don’t miss out anything.

If the offer at the time doesn’t take your fancy, remember to use your next code. With every online order you place, you will receive a 15% code to be used on your next order, there’s no need to pay full price at Totally Wicked!

Check how many Vape Points you have. These loyalty points can come in very handy when you’re waiting for payday but love that new kit you’ve seen. Check out our Savvy Shopping page for many more money saving tips, your bank manager will appreciate it.

Try new e-liquids

Have you been vaping the same flavour from the same range for years? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, you may have found your favourite all day vape, but how do you know until you give some others a chance?

With a number of different ranges, tailored to different vapers’ needs and well over 100 flavours available, will you be adventurous in 2018?

There’s not long to wait for Mr Wicked’s e-liquid range, 8 perfected flavours each with a tailored PG/VG ratio to deliver the ultimate vaping experience!

Mr Wicked's Premier E-liquid Coming Soon


You could even try your hand at mixing your own e-liquid. Totally Wicked has everything you need to become a top mixologist and it really is simple. Perfect your ultimate e-liquid in 2018 and have some fun while doing so!

Help smokers switch to vaping

You might still have friends or family that want to give up smoking but are struggling to ditch the habit. You can give them a helping hand and not only will you feel like you’ve done your bit, we will also reward you for referring a friend.

Refer as many friends as you can throughout 2018 and help change the lives of smokers. Share your knowledge of vaping and give advice on what kits will be best for them.

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With more health organisations and professionals endorsing e-cigarettes, 2018 is all set to be a great year for vaping. This is the year for Totally Wicked customers.

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