Totally Wicked’s support for the Armed Forces goes beyond just providing a discount and free delivery for Defence Discount Card holders and all of our commitments outlined in our Armed Forces Covenant pledge. In working closely with Andy Reid, we want to make a real difference to these people’s lives and we believe that vaping can do this.

Andy Reid, Army Veteran and Totally Wicked Brand Ambassador recently expressed his opinions on the impact that vaping could have on members of the Armed Forces.

Sean Pears, WO2, 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment then wrote to Totally Wicked to share his gratitude to Totally Wicked for providing an alternative to smoking for serving personnel.

Dear Totally Wicked

I hope this letter finds you well.  I am writing to you to express, in my opinion, how Vaping is having a positive impact on soldiering.  We are currently deployed on operations as part of the Enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia.  Without revealing too many of our secrets, we are contributing to a NATO alliance and providing assurance to the noble people of Estonia. This so far has been a challenging operation, with more challenges to come in the winter months.  These challenges, of cause, we welcome!

I am responsible for the leadership and management of 146 soldiers, aged between 18 and 40.  It is obvious to state, that it is vital soldiers under my command remain fit and robust.   This can be sometimes challenging whilst training soldiers who choose to smoke cigarettes.  I have seen a remarkable difference in the fitness levels of soldiers that have chosen to Vape and quit smoking.   This in some case has been a stepping stone to them quitting all together. 

The financial benefits from quilting smoking is astonishing, this has a direct impact on the morale, will and cohesion of my soldiers.  A squaddie with a pocket full of money is a happy soldier.    As mentioned I hope this letter finds you well and I would like to personally show my gratitude towards you and Totally Wicked.  A military unit with minimal cigarette smokers is a more effective unit.

Yours sincerely

WO2 Sean Pears  

Vaping care package

We wanted to show our support for the incredible work that these soldiers do for us all by sending some vaping treats out the troops in Estonia. We sent a care package consisting of Switz2 kits and e-liquids over to the soldiers, to not only help any smokers make the switch to vaping but to also let them know that we are fully supporting them and thinking of them out in Estonia.

Soldiers vaping

The troops were delighted with the care package and quickly responded with messages of thanks.

Messages of thanks

WO2 Sean Pears wrote:

“I am writing to you overwhelmed with the generosity from Totally Wicked.  It came as a shock, when I opened the parcel, that you had sent such a kind gift.  As mentioned in the previous letter, the benefits from soldiers switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping are ample.  Thanks to your kindness, we now have five soldiers that have completely stopped smoking and taken up vaping.   It goes without saying that the military does not encourage smoking, but in my opinion the more soldiers that quit Cigarettes the more effective we will become.”

Sgt Skeldon wrote:

“I am writing to you to say thank you for sending the Electronic cigarettes.  Thanks to your generosity I am now 14 days without smoking and I am already felling the benefits. This is both in my fitness and pocket.  Thank you once again and I look forward to trying more of your vapes.”

Pte Brady wrote:

“I am writing this letter as a thank you for the E-Cig and juice that you had sent to my Company Sergeant Major.  I am one of the soldiers who wanted to stop smoking cigarettes for a long time and struggled to do so.  Since starting with I have managed to last over a week without a cigarette and found it to be so much better. I wouldn’t go back to smoking again.  Once again I would like to say thank you very much.”

At Totally Wicked we’re immensely proud to support the Armed Forces. We hope that our products and support can help to boost morale. We’d like to wish the troops out in Estonia all the best and many thanks for their kind words.