Totally Wicked St Helens opened its doors on July 11th 2017 making today its first birthday. Even at this tender age of just 1 year old, the store has already made an impact on the St Helens community.

Helping smokers make the switch to vaping, providing excellent service and offering outstanding vaping products is what Totally Wicked and Totally Wicked St Helens is the perfect example of this.

Totally Wicked St Helens Store

Store manager Mathew Boffey said:

“This is a memorable day for ourselves at Totally Wicked St Helens. Today marks a whole year since we first opened our doors. As we first opened, a massive amount of effort went in to making sure we were all fully prepared and ready to represent Totally Wicked the best we could.

In only a short amount of time we have seen massive changes, some which are visible but also in back of house with constant training and development to ensure we can always, and will always offer the best to our customers. Ash and I would like to thank the whole team for their dedication through this.

Which leads me nicely on to the most important component of our team, you, the customers. Without your support we would never be able to grow as a team or as a store. We have met some wonderful people in such a short amount of time and helped hundreds make the switch to vaping. It’s such a rewarding job and it makes it such a breeze with the customer base we have. Thank you to each and every one of you.

So here is to the next twelve months. Things never stand still in this industry and neither do we. We will continue to improve as a team and make sure we do even better over the next twelve months.”

Mathew Boffey St Helens Store Manager

Happy vapers in St Helens

The team at St Helens have been working hard to get to know their customers and understanding their specific needs. All vapers have different wants and the St Helens staff have been collecting some key information and showcasing these vapers via social media.

Totally Wicked Customer Q & A


It’s great to see vaping and Totally Wicked having such a positive impact on former smokers. If you’re a customer at Totally Wicked St Helens and would like to feature in one of these posts, just ask the team.

A Totally Wicked partnership

All Totally Wicked store are unique and express their personality through their staff, décor and displays, however Totally Wicked St Helens goes one step further. In conjunction with our valued partners, our St Helens store sells official merchandise and gets a few visits from some legends.

St Helens Merchandise in Totally Wicked Store


When the store was in its early months, it was the prime location to promote Totally Wicked’s Stoptober campaign. Saints legend, Paul Sculthorpe and Team Brit Driver, Tony Williams were in-store to help.

Two of Saints’ current stars, Matty Smith and Luke Thompson have also contributed to Totally Wicked’s campaigns, recording the following message to help smokers make the switch to vaping during Stoptober.


Guest appearances, competitions and the wonderful in-store team have made Totally Wicked St Helens’ first year a great success. If you’re local, pop in and wish them a Happy Birthday!