Totally Wicked is committed to doing the right thing in helping to support smokers in their quit attempts.

The UK still has 7 million smokers and vaping offers a huge potential to help these people quit. We understand that by working with public health and smoking cessation professionals we can help to make a huge difference in reducing smoking prevalence in the UK as well as dispelling the myths and controversy that still surround vaping.

We now have an in-house Smoking Cessation Lead, Chris Green, who will be working with smoking cessation services and public health organisations to help support more and more smokers ditch cigarettes for good.

Chris Green, Totally Wicked Smoking Cessation Lead

Chris Green

“I became involved with Totally Wicked when Salford Stop Smoking Service ran a pilot with e-cigarettes last January. As a stop smoking service we were commissioned by the Health and Social Care Partnership to offer free e-cigarettes and liquids to people from low income families and people who lived in social housing across Salford. The pilot was extremely successful with a quit rate of 64% over 4 weeks. 

“I was so impressed with the ethos of Totally Wicked and the direction they are taking that I decided to come and work for them. I still get to do what I love best which is supporting people to quit smoking and improving the quality of lives. 

“More and more services are becoming vape friendly and Public Health England (PHE) is actively encouraging cessation services to endorse vaping as a cessation tool and allow staff to positively integrate themselves with the reputable stores in their areas. It is our aim to become the UK’s number one cessation friendly vape business.

“We offer free bespoke training for services so cessation staff fully understand all the latest evidence around vaping from a PHE stand point as well as other key health organisations. Staff will be trained on advising potential vapers on how to get the best out of their e-cigarettes as well as initial vape set up, maintenance and troubleshooting.

“Since starting with the company, I have delivered training for stop smoking staff and pharmacy staff in Brighton and Hove, training for stop smoking staff in Knowsley, and also training for staff at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust who are piloting a scheme on three wards in a mental health unit. They will be offering a free e-cigarette and e-liquids with support to any patient who currently smokes. They are also allowing patients to vape on the unit which is definitely a step in the right direction.”