Vapers in the USA are celebrating this week as President Trump booted a controversial figure from the Obama administration.

Vivek Murthy was the previous Surgeon General and was outwardly anti-vaping.

Last year Murthy released a report that was slammed by vapers in America because of its call to treat electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. It also stated that electronic cigarettes were targeting the youth of America and encouraging them to take up vaping as a hobby, with electronic cigarette use in children rising quicker than smoking.

No Vaping Sign and USA Flag


In the report Murthy said:

“We know a great deal about what works to effectively prevent tobacco use among young people, Now we must apply these strategies to e-cigarettes. More studies are needed to elucidate the nature of any true causal relationship between e-cigarette and combustible tobacco product use”

Even as it came to light that in 2015 the overall smoking rate in the USA fell to a record low of 15%, which vaping advocates attribute to electronic cigarettes, he still called for extremely strict regulations on all vaping products.

The Obama administration long targeted e-cigarettes with the FDA ensuring the deeming regulations, with the complicated and extremely expensive registration process for vaping products was passed into law. With Murthy’s report further compounding the issue calling for a prohibition on electronic cigarettes, reinforcing critics of vaping who say that e-cigs provide a gateway to smoking.

Person Vaping

Vaping advocates in the US point to the UK as an example of public health, with the Royal College of Physicians stating that vaping:

“…has huge potential to prevent death and disability from tobacco use, and to hasten our progress to a tobacco-free society.”

Republican activist Grover Norquist thinks that disgruntled vapers played a key role in President Trump’s victory. With vapers in the USA no doubt happy with the news that another anti-vaping advocate is no longer in power, is this another step towards what vapers thought was previously impossible? The de-regulation of vaping in America.

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