Vaping exhibitions are becoming more and more popular with the vaping community increasing daily. They give users a chance to try out new flavours, interact with new brands and meet like-minded people. You can also see demonstrations and exclusive previews of certain products. We take a look at the best vaping expos to visit in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

UK expos

There are a number of expos in the UK, ranging from full weekends to one day events. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to use a certain product or just want to have a great time, there’s bound to be an expo to suit you. Make sure to put these in your diary!

Vaper doing tricks

Vape Jam UK- 7th, 8th & 9th April 2017

Vape Jam UK will be hosted at ExCel London based on Royal Victoria Dock. This expo is really one of the coolest, featuring over 30 exhibitors all with something new to offer. There will be tonnes of fun stuff going over the weekend. You can vape along to some killer beats with special DJ sets or alternatively show off your tricks in competitions. Admission prices start from £10 for the general public. Please note, Friday 7th April will only be open for businesses.

Vaper Expo UK- 26th, 27th & 28th May 2017

Make the most of your bank holiday weekend at this year’s Vaper Expo. Hosted in the biggest UK exhibition venue, The NEC National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, this is arguably the biggest vaping event of the year. Due to its central location, this expo is accessible for everyone. These guys are keeping exhibitors and events quiet for now, but rest assured you’ll be entertained by what they have to offer. Tickets start from £10 for one day admission.

Vapefest- 5th & 6th August 2017

Vapefest is one of the rare vaping expos where you can camp. It is being held at The Greenhouse West Mid Showground in Shrewsbury. Not only will you be surrounded by vendors, but also the beautiful Shropshire countryside. There will also be a raffle to win an array of great prizes. The event has a brilliant, inclusive atmosphere with food and drink vendors and disability access. Remember to check the weather before you go, or take your wellies! Admission is free but camping is £10 due to the venue rules. If you’re new to outdoor vaping festivals, read their guide for Dummies.

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Vape Slam- Date TBC

Joining together business and consumers, Vape Slam is one of the most exciting expos in the UK. It will take place in Event City, Manchester, but they have not yet confirmed a date. The most unique thing about this expo is that they have amazing music artists so you can have a fantastic social experience as well as enjoying the products. They are also the first UK expo to focus on shisha brands and allow them a platform along with regular vaping vendors.

Europe expos

Vaping is just as popular in Europe as in the UK. There are plenty of expos around Europe, so if you fancy going on a mini break to combine the two, here are a few options.

Vaping expo

Vape Expo Poland- 4th & 5th March 2017

This expo promises to bring vendors from all over the world to exhibit their products. Taking place in Warsaw Expo centre, Vape Expo promises to be a huge event featuring conferences, competitions and workshops. Companies will demonstrate their products for you to try. There will also be awards for companies for the best E-liquid and also the best booth. Make sure to enter the lottery to be in with the chance of winning a great prize. Tickets are priced at 10 euros.

Vape & Trade Expo, Ukraine- 18th & 19th March 2017

With over 120 exhibitors, Vape & Trade Expo (also known as Vapor Week) is a chance for retailers, wholesalers, investors and enthusiasts to come along and join together. It will be held at ACCO International. Along with the usual demos and competitions, there will also be a vape flea market. This gives you a chance to bring your old or unwanted items and either sell, swap or share them with new friends. Tickets cost 50 UAH which works out at roughly £1.50.

VaporFair, Germany- 28th, 29th & 30th April 2017

This expo is in partnership with HookahFair which specialises in hookahs. VaporFair will be hosted in Messe Frankfurt. It gives users a chance to see the diversity within the vaping world. You never know, you might even get to try some E-hookahs! It’s also a great chance to meet and speak to international businesses about vaping. This expo will be particularly good for startup businesses or those interested in the industry. Admission prices start from 15 euros.

Vapitaly, Italy- 20th, 21st & 2nd May 2017

Vapitaly was Italy’s first vaping expo two years ago. Last year, the event had over 9000 guests and over 150 exhibitors. With independent companies from around Italy and Europe, live music and conferences, you’ll never be bored. It will be held in the heart of the beautiful city of Verona, in Veronafiere. Why not make a weekend of it and take a mini break? There is currently no ticket information on the Vapitaly site, but keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Rest of the world expos

There are loads of expos across the world, but we’ve chosen two of the best from outside Europe that we think you’ll love.

Man vaping at an expo

Vapevent, New York City- 2nd & 3rd March 2017

This event will take place at Brooklyn Expo Center which is just across the Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan. If being in the most exciting city in the world wasn’t good enough, you’ll also be surrounded by some of the best leading E-cigarette companies. However, Vapevent is a trade show and strictly B2B which means regular Joes can’t enter, unfortunately. If you own a business or work for the media, this free expo is an amazing opportunity to meet overseas clients.

Iecie Vape Shenzen eCig Expo, China- 14th, 15th & 16th April 2017

This expo will bring together over 300 brands from around the world under one roof. As China is the birthplace of E-cigarettes, they don’t do anything by half. You’ll be able to meet with new brands in addition to seeing new products and testing new E-liquids. If you really love vaping, this could be your trip of a lifetime. The event will be held at Shenzen Convention and Exhibition Center and is estimated to have over 11,000 visitors!

Will you be attending an expo this year? Let us know which one in the comments!