Economies worldwide have collapsed, the government is no more and brains are being eaten, what’s the best thing to do? Sit back, chuck some clouds and wait for it all to blow over. Panicking about the zombie apocalypse is one thing, but you haven’t planned ahead and vapers remorse is setting as you haven’t got a clue how you can carry on vaping!

Here are five top tips to keep vaping during the zombie apocalypse, or as we call it the vapeocalypse.

E-liquid Bottles and Nicotine Bottles

1. E-liquid

At the first signs of a zombie invasion, the general public would instantly think of water and canned food, a vapers first thought will be stocking up on their favourite juice.

Once stocked up on precious e-liquid, you are left wondering, what is the best way to store this bounty so it can last for the foreseeable future? In this situation, sunlight, heat and exposure to the air are not your friends.

Store your e-liquid somewhere dark, cool and out of the reach of children and animals, I’m voting for the bottom of your survival backpack. Don’t open the bottle until you are ready to vape your e-liquid and once opened ensure the lid is replaced tightly.

2. Vaping spares for your spares.

The scouts motto is ‘Be prepared’, well take a leaf out of their book. You need spares for your spares. The last thing you need is to be out and about, probably hunting for food, burnt atomizer in tow.

Are you Ready? Sign

Spare atomizers, batteries, tanks will all be essential during the vapeocalypse. Also remember to keep everything clean, ensure the contacts of your batteries, tanks and chargers are kept free from e-liquid and dirt, don’t draw too hard on your e-cig to keep atomizers in tip top condition for as long as possible, you need everything to be looked after to get the maximum life out of everything.

Battery Mods

3. Choose your e-cig wisely.

When you are sat there in an evening, having your after tea vape, I bet you have never thought about the survival perks of your e-cig. Well the undead horde is knocking at your door, it’s time to start thinking.

Is your mod suited to you? Think weight, size, tank capacity, battery capacity, do these things suit you and your style of vaping? It’s not all about chucking clouds and having 200W at your fingertips, is your e-cig good for you all day every day?

4. Charging is king.

While you are busy making your home zombie proof, ask yourself this question. How will you charge your e-cig batteries?

You might be thinking solar charger, wind up charger, back up generator. These are all great, but start with the basics.

Battery Life Indicators

Make sure you have fully charged spares at hand all the time, if your battery is removable make sure these are rotated after every charge, don’t let your batteries get too low before you start charging, usually about 30% is where you want to start powering back up.

Keep them clean, I’m not talking about dunking in your washing up bowl, use a clean dry cloth to ensure contacts are free from e-liquid and dirt, do the same for your charger. Also remember all rechargeable batteries have a charge cycle and will eventually come to the end of their life, so back up your back ups.

Cleaning in Progress sign

5. Cleanliness is close to godliness.

It has been mentioned a few times throughout these tips, but it is seriously important. You have battled the walking dead, zombie proofed your life, gathered food and water, possibly made your way to the nearest army base, but your e-cig won’t work.

Have you ever thought this might be because it hasn’t been looked after? Your e-cig is like any electrical device, you wouldn’t cover your mobile phone in e-liquid and leave it, so why is your mod any different? You have to ensure everything is kept clean, all your contacts including your charger. Periodically clean out your tank with water and leave to dry naturally, don’t throw your e-cig into the bottom of a bag and expect to pick it up two weeks later and have it work perfectly.

This is the end of the civilised world as we know it, having a little vape at the end of a hard day foraging is a luxury that could help you stay sane. Your e-cig is your baby, treat it that way.

So these are our top tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse. These aren’t only in case of the undead walking the earth, these can be applied to your regular vaping life.

Have you got any vaping tips for the apocalypse? Let us know in the comments below.