Health Insurance is without doubt a very complicated industry, with judgements and stereotypes playing a strong role in certain policies.

Of course, health insurance companies need to use indicators so that quotes are economically viable, however in some cases clients feel as though these factors are not entirely fair. In terms of health insurance and life insurance, one of the indicators is whether the client smokes; a reasonable and fair assessment as smoking is known to reduce the life span cause serious health implications.

However, is it reasonable to group vapers in this bracket?

health insurance - cigarettes or e-cig


Vaping is 95% safer than smoking’, ‘Study proves vaping is far safer than smoking‘ and Cancer Research back e-cigarettes in the fight against Cancer‘ are just a few of the pieces of evidence to show that vapers should not be grouped with smokers.

The health insurance companies think differently however and class any nicotine consumption as being a smoker. To be classed as a non-smoker, the general consensus from insurance companies is that you must have gone without nicotine for at least 12 months.

Vapers clearly feel as though they should not be grouped with smokers.

As BoughtByMany’s research, conducted on 500 vapers, shows that ‘85% believe that vapers should not pay the same premium as smokers‘. With all the evidence there for insurers to see, do they just not believe it and prefer to believe what they read in the papers? Or, do they just do it as a money making scheme because they can?

health insurance - non-smoker form


Either way, it is not clear for the client and this could result in them invalidating their own insurance submission. By no fault of their own vapers could be classing themselves as a non-smoker (a truthful statement in their opinion) but this would in fact be non-disclosure and could lead to repercussions in the future.

With BoughtByMany’s Research also stating that ‘43% of vapers not aware their insurance premiums may be affected by vaping’ it’s probable that a number of vaper’s health insurance forms may have been filled out falsely (from the perspective of the insurance companies).

Should vapers be grouped with smokers for insurance indicators? Let us know in the comments below.