Driving down the M6 on a dreary Monday morning, I am cursing my car. I have my heaters on full belt, yet my windscreen will not clear properly. Arriving at work I realise my lovely car is not at fault, this is a peril of vaping and driving.

After some serious elbow grease, I can now see clearly. But I got to thinking. What hints can I give vapers to help them vape and drive safely.

Let’s run through 6 tips for vaping and driving.

Open the window

The first one is easy, always have your window open a crack when vaping and driving. The reasons are twofold;
– It will help to prevent the residue that coats windows when you vape around them for extended periods. This was the source of my M6 woes.
– You are still operating a vehicle and should always do so safely. Vapour hangs around and all it takes is a mistimed cloud for your vision to be obstructed.

Don’t drip and drive

Just don’t. You cannot safely remove the top of your dripper, take the top off your e-liquid bottle, drip it onto your cotton properly, and replace everything then vape…all while controlling a car.

Adjust your e-liquid

Vaping a heavy VG e-liquid means thicker clouds and less visibility. It might be easier to opt for more PG when driving.

Choose your e-cig set up wisely

Especially if you are on a long car trip. You want a decent battery and something easy to maintain. Also, plan your journey around stops, so you can safely refill. Alternatively, take another vaper with you who can sort that from the passenger seat.

Don’t hold your e-cig next to your mouth

Imagine an e-cig, with a full tank smashing into your teeth. Yea that wouldn’t be fun.

Designate a safe place for your e-cig

The last thing you want is to be pulling over because your e-cig has rolled under a pedal. Also if you pop your e-cig somewhere it can fall and you haven’t locked it, it might start firing if the button gets pressed. Designate a place for your e-cig so you know it will be safely stored.

Ask first

If you aren’t in your own car, always ask first before you start vaping. Come on people, its common courtesy.

So these are my top tips for vaping and driving. Let us know in the comments below any hints you have for vapers and drivers.

vapour in a car

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