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Planet of the Vapes reveal Apple’s vaping app ban

Many other weird and wonderful vaping apps are available for download and one of these is the Planet of the Vapes Forum app. This app provides a platform for the vaping community to come together and discuss the latest developments within the world of e-cigarettes and it is Planet of the Vapes (POTV) who revealed Apple’s bemusing decision to ‘reject vaping apps’.

Planet of the Vapes were contacted by apple, who informed them that they had chosen to “reject new apps and any updates and upgrades to existing releases that contain any content related to nicotine.” Planet of the Vapes, with good reason, felt aggrieved by Apple’s actions and contacted the technology giant to dispute the issue. Apple soon responded and stuck firmly to their guns, upholding the ban but without providing an explanation or reasoning behind their decision.

Planet of the vapes

Image courtesy of Planet of the Vapes.

The reason behind Apple’s decision

Who knows what Apple are thinking, but their lack of clarity and omission of any explanation could mean that they have big developments in store. This of course enticed speculation around the matter and conspiracy theories started to surface. People then started to deliberate whether Apple were planning a surprise entry into the vaping market especially due to Apple’s recent patent of a vaporizer.

Some sources were quick to dismiss this theory however the true reason behind Apple’s actions is still up in the air and the fact that they stated “This is a business decision and we do not go into the reasons for this decision.” seems somewhat unnerving.

So, what do you think Apple’s reasoning behind their decision is? Let us know in the comments below.