Have you ever wondered what an average vaper might look like?

Not in terms of their physical appearance, but in the way vaping has changed their lives, and the time frame over which it all happened.

We have, and in February this year undertook a major survey, distributed via email to 20,000 of our retail store and online customers, receiving well over 1600 completed responses.  If one of them was from you, THANK YOU!  The information is vital for our continued push to use 2018 to reach yet more smokers and help them find a less harmful alternative to combustible tobacco.

Vaping behaviour survey

The headline data set is just astonishing, and while we know that our continuing customers are those that have enjoyed using e-cigarettes, rather than those that haven’t stuck with it, we had no idea how successful our customers’ quit attempts had been.  90.6% of respondents reported that they had quit smoking entirely, 8% felt they had been able to cut down considerably, and just 1.4% felt that e-cigarettes had not really worked for them in reducing their cigarette consumption.

Compared with any previous documented smoking cessation programme, assisted with NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or not, this is an absolutely unprecedented rate.  Are we surprised that Totally Wicked customers are doing so much better than national figures published by ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) last year?  A little maybe, but we suspected all along that providing the best products had to have more than a little influence on how easy it was to use e-cigarettes as complete replacement for tobacco smoking.

Another really interesting outcome was just how quickly people managed to stop smoking entirely.  Over 63% reported they stopped smoking pretty much immediately, by the end of their first month 78% had quit, and by the end of the third month 86% of our respondents were smoke free.

Even more astounding is the fact that 42% of the respondents, before using e-cigarettes, had tried other methods of quitting smoking with no success.

One last figure that really interested us was on the question of nicotine strength. 78% of our responding customers were using nicotine strengths of 1.0% (10mg/ml) or higher at the point when they no longer felt the need to smoke.  So if you know anyone that is trying to do the same, encourage them not to go too low in nicotine too quickly.