With TRPR currently rife in the vaping world, we know the last thing you want to hear about is more rules. Don’t worry these 5 etiquette tips are by no means legally binding, just a few recommendations to help give vapers the good reputation we deserve.

Abide by these guidelines and you’ll be vaping happy without any hostility, snarls or disapproving glares.

Vaping etiquette infographic

Etiquette of vaping – Transcript

1. Be a conscientious vaper.

Don’t blow clouds of vapour in people’s faces or directly into groups of non-vapers.

2. Don’t vape where you wouldn’t have smoked.

Just because you legally can, doesn’t mean you should.

3. Don’t criticise smokers

We used to be one, so don’t openly criticise those who still do.

4. Inform and educate

Give smokers the facts, help guide them in the right direction to make the switch to vaping.

5. Don’t use another vaper’s device without asking

You wouldn’t have gone and taken a cigarette out of someone’s hand, the same logic applies.

How is your vaping etiquette? Do you have any extra tips on how vapers can improve their etiquette? Let us now in the comments below.