Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and however much you may disagree with the consumerist nature of this holiday you have to admit that it’s quite nice to make a fuss of the person you love, and have them make a fuss out of you, too. Sometimes however, a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers isn’t individual enough for that special person in your life. In these cases, making an effort to select something that really reflects your significant other’s favourite things will earn you some serious brownie points. If your partner likes to vape then buying them some new vaping gear is definitely a quick way to get into their good books. With that in mind, here’s some of the best gift ideas for some Valentine’s vaping.


Valentine’s e-liquid

Sweets, chocolate and basically anything sickly sweet; this is what Valentine’s is to most of us. With this in mind keeping your sweetheart topped up with deliciously tasty e-liquid is a good idea, and will make the air around you both particularly sweet and romantic smelling.

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Totally Wicked have over 100 different flavours for you to choose from, and our multi-pack offers mean you can pick and choose to make the perfect set of e-liquid for your perfect person. Our cherry, strawberry and vanilla flavours are bound to leave a sweet aftertaste for both of you.

Image of sweets and chocolate

Valentine’s vaping organisation

Is your love constantly playing around with their e-cigarette, or do they have armfuls of vaping accessories with nowhere to store them all neatly? Well we’re here to help. At Totally Wicked our range of vaping equipment will provide your partner with all the bits and bobs and storage they need to keep their vaping items under control.

Since Valentine’s Day is a day to come together, why not invest in a UD Vape Pocket, this way you can keep all your vaping products together in the perfect case.

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Valentine’s colour inspiration

Has this celebration of love inspired you to choose something for the vaping love of your life that has a slightly more risque colour? Why not treat your partner to a new kit, you could even get matching his and hers Arc 4s in blue and pink? Not only will it be in keeping with the colours commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, but it’s bound to put a smile on their face each time they go to vape and can’t help but think of you.


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We hope this helped you come up with some interesting Valentine’s vaping ideas for that special someone in your life. Left it a bit last minute? Well you could always start practising how to blow heart shaped vape clouds… Let us know what you think of our ideas in the comments section!