So not only do e-cigarettes regularly malfunction and blow up, act as a gateway to smoking and appeal to children, they now also cause heart disease according to particular sources… The Sun and The Daily Mail no less.

The latest study compared results of 42 candidates aged between 21 and 45 years old; 23 “habitual” vapers and 19 people who did not vape or use tobacco cigarettes. Why not include a study group of current tobacco smokers and compare with the habitual vaper group? This would provide a much more relevant comparison as the vast majority of vapers are current or former smokers..

The findings showed that the candidates who vaped were more likely to experience increased Cardiac sympathetic activity (increased adrenaline) and increased oxidative stress.

The inclusion criteria for the study was that the habitual vaper group did not contain any current tobacco cigarette smokers. But when had they quit smoking? It seems unlikely that all the trial participants had never used tobacco cigarette products as several credible studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of vapers are former smokers or dual users. Some known biomarkers (a charactersitic by which a physiological process can be identified) take years after smoking cessation before being fully reversed. Another major limitation of the study is that such a small number of participants means that anomalous results from just a hand full of volunteers would skew the data analysis.

A spokesman from the UK Industry Association reacted to the study by stating: –

‘Vaping products have in recent years emerged as a hugely popular alternative for smokers. Public Health England have found that vaping is 95 percent less harmful to your health than smoking.

This study, and many like it, does not directly compare vapers and smokers; and doesn’t address the huge potential vaping has for the health of current smokers.

Studies like this one merely show that vaping could have a similar effect on the heart to that of, for example, drinking a cup of coffee or watching a scary film.’

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