With 100,000 deaths from smoking each year, in the UK alone, quitting is one of the most important steps people can take to improve their health.

With almost 3 million vapers in the UK and the lowest number of people smoking ever recorded, the two are now starting to be linked. A study undertaken by the University College London (UCL) and Cancer Research UK show that smokers are much more likely to quit for good when using e-cigarettes as a quitting aid.

England is sometimes singled out as being too positive in its attitude to e-cigarettes. This data suggests that our relatively liberal regulation of e-cigarettes is probably justified.

Professor Robert West, Health Behaviour Research Centre, UCL

Beyond the Cloud is a documentary that originates in France. It looks at the history of vaping and the controversy surrounding it by visiting different countries and listening to their stories. As well as talking to various names in the vaping industry.

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