Find out more about vaping on holiday…

With summer fast approaching I’m sure many of you will be jetting off to all corners of the globe to relax, soak up the sun and spend some quality time with those close to you.

When entering other countries, there are of course differences in rules, regulations and culture which vapers in particular must take in to account. We have therefore created this infographic to help ensure you stay safe when travelling abroad and enjoy your trip as much as possible.

Vaping on Holiday – Transcript

Check Ahead

Check the Airport allows vaping.

Check the rules and regulations of the country you are travelling to.

Check with your airline regarding their rules of having an e-cig on board. [1]

To stealth or not to stealth

There is no question, do not try and vape on a plane.

The sun is not your friend

Heat = thinner liquid and leaking tanks, it also means unhappy batteries. Keep your e-cig, e-liquid and vaping accessories out of direct sunlight.

Vaping Checklist:

Don’t forget your vaping checklist, prepare for the worst just in case.

Spare Tank

Choose wisely

There is a limit to the amount of liquid items you can take on your flight, remember this before arriving at the airport. When travelling you might eb tempted to take your favourite mod for huge clouds, the majority of the time this is fine, but some countries have strict regulations or are just not accustomed to vaping. Keep this in mind. [2]

Rental Cars

Some rental car companies will not let you vape inside their vehicles. It could invalidate your insurance. make sure you read the fine print before vaping in your rental.

Vaping in public

Vaping regulation is still pending in a lot of countries as well as banned in some. Be courteous when vaping in public, always ask before vaping in bars and restaurants. [3]