The safety of e-cigarettes is often scrutinised in the press and a lot of the time these stories and findings are misleading and somewhat manipulating. However, like all electrical devices, e-cigarettes must be used correctly and safely in order to avoid accidents.

The Royal Society for the prevention of accidents (RoSPA) have recently published a document containing advice on how to use e-cigarettes safely in your home.  ‘Use of e-cigarettes (vaping) in the home: advice for parents‘ not only teaches parents how to make sure e-cigarettes and e-liquid are stored and used in a way which poses no threat to children, but also explains the dangers of smoking and how these compare to the dangers of vaping. In consultation with public Health England, RoSPA have provided some important information that should be read by all vapers.

Please give the report a read and ensure you follow the advice given. Please also share the report with smokers so that they can act responsibly and safety around children and to also warn them of the dangers of second hand smoke.

We also provide safety information on our site. Read our Battery Safety Guide and avoid any accidents vapers!

Let us know if you have any other tips or experiences with e-cigarettes in the home in the comments below.